1985 Yamaha IT 200 or any other year.

My freind has one (doesn't know much about it) and :excuseme:would appreciate any info on them at all . Website's, freinds that have one, how they hold up, what to look out for on them.....anything what so ever.

For an 85 it's in real nice shape. Only thing not on is the tool pouch on rear fender...so if you know where to get one of those (yamaha have them yet??) leave me know.

He'd like to make it street legal in PA. Since it has a head and tail light I told him he would need:

1) brake light switch

2) speedometer



5)probably street legal approved knobbies for the road

How do you go about (what are the steps?) getting it legal from the state?

Thank You :)

I bought an IT 200 new in 1984 and rode it till 1990. In that entire period the IT never had a single problem. To this day the IT is the bike I look back on with the best memories.

The largest problem with the bike is the suspension. It lacks adjustment and is very soft. Riders over 150 overhwealmed the springs. The bike has just enough power to whip you through the woods at a fast clip and the bike is as light or lighter than most 200s today. Buy a piston kit, some new wheel and linkage bearings, and look things over as you fix it up. If you want a tool bag go to dirtbikegear.com and look at the different bags. The KDX model should fit well. The taillight lens breaks easily and I would reccomend another fender/breaklight combination unless you want to Spend $20 every week replacing it. Also there are setups that are more street legal. You also may need to have the lighting coil rewound to produce the wattage needed for street lighting. For a great kit check out the trick dual sport kit reviewed here at thumpertalk.

The 85 model was a better unit than my 84 because of the disk brake. The bike is well worth fixing up in my opinion because of the fun factor the ITs can provide. Just don't expect to make any money off the work, demand for this bike is low.


By the way I have a Yamaha manual for an 84 IT

I have a buddy who is selling a 1985 if anyone is interested. It was his wife's bike.

Thanks for the info! BTW.... the 86 is the one with the disk brake. Wish I could find more info on it or a few pic's of some. :)

My friend had one of those,really fun bike.

It had some jetting problems,really rich on the bottom.

Would foul plugs sometimes in really tight stuff.

Seat and tank was a little quirky too,

Also to improve on it. I installed the heavier progressive fork springs on mine. Also check the rear shock and ensure it is still in good shape. The chrome wore on the shaft at times. Also for my IT175 and 200, I installed a 1 tooth bigger countershaft sprocket on them. It spread the gears just right for the woods and still able to climb well. You should still be able to get Yamaha recommended mods through the dealer which includes the jetting mods. Use Golden Spectro oil to help cut down on the fouled plugs. Also I used Champion plugs, the NGK fowled repeatedly.

I wonder how close the engine is in the IT as compared to the Blaster 4 wheeler? If so, hop up parts might not be too hard to find.

Here is a couple of pics of the IT200



I wonder how close the engine is in the IT as compared to the Blaster 4 wheeler? If so, hop up parts might not be too hard to find.

I knew someone who owned a Blaster and He told me that they had a different head.

I never once fouled a plug in all of the years I owned mine. If it is jetted properly with a good quality 2-stroke oil at 50-1 they will never foul.

to make the bike st. legal in pa. you will need all of the thing you listed,unless you can find some one to inspect it otherwise. but you need to get it titled if it dosent have one. go to a title and tag place and ask them for form mv-426b. this will give you all the instruction to do the conversion,and the proper paperwork. good luck! :)

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