Site updated...

Hey TTalkers,

I have been busy the last few days updating my site with a totally new look! The old site used to take awhile to load with a 56k modem, the new one is much quicker, and IMO looks better too!

I added about 10 new tech articles in the Tech Articles Section of my site including the new fuel screw mod, DaveJ's microfiche, 4 new suspension tools/directions, fixing the chain slider, header guard, installing fastline front brake (cr routed), etc, etc! Drop me an email at if you have any tools/tips that you would like to be posted on my site! Let me know what you think. Thanks,


Very nice!!!


Very impressive Garrett! :)

I was looking forward to your site, but it won't open in my Netscape 4.6. I just get a blank screen. :) I don't have time at the moment to figure out why, but I have received similar results with Netscape in the past when I accidentally left out a closing tag, etc..


I also have Netscape 4.6 and the newer 6.0 version. Your right it doesn't work in 4.6 (which I wasnt aware of until now...thanks) this is because the older Netscape doesnt support some of the new html <tags> especially table commands. It looks great on 6.0 and Internet Explorer, I will get it fixed in the next week or so. Thanks,


I know that it's impossible to be backward compatible with every old browser, but if you can get it to work with Netscape 4.6 then that would be great! I'm looking forward to checking out your new site. :)

Do you have Internet Explorer? I like Netscape better...but it doesnt support all the new stuff like marquees/sounds/advanced tables, etc! So I am forced to use Internet Explorer. Later,


Very good job Garrett, one of the better web sites I've seen on our bikes, keep it coming!


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