ty davis tank

i am looking for a larger capacity than stock tank for my '01 yz426 i like the ty davis tank because it carries the fuel low,this would be nice even if i didn't need all the capacity,i run the stock header so that won't be a problem and other than the hot start/choke access are there any other problems i may run into with this tank?



are you gonna sell your yz tank?


I recently changed to an Acerbis tank and can report that access to work on your machine will require tank removal for things such as carb work, plug removals etc. As I ride desert and trails, I really like the added distance and I am getting really good at removing the tank!



I have Ty Davis tanks on my 426 and 250F. They are great. Very narrow. Had an IMS tank. It was fine but it always pushed my legs back to the tank/seat junction. This doesn't happen with the Davis tanks. When the tank is half full the bike feels 5 pounds lighter than w/ stock tank because the fuel is so low. Any work to the engine means taking off the tank. No big deal, just have to accept it. If you are going to use a dry-break, call GPR (CA)or DH-1 racing (NV), they make a dry-break that is just as good and alot less expensive than the IMS.

Down for Low.

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