yz426 crank

Sold my 426 to a buddy and today he lost the crank,pulled it all apart tonight but can't find anybody who sells replacement cranks.When I had the bike there was no trouble getting a aftermarket crank now none.Anybody know of anybody who still sells replacement cranks for these bikes?We can get the rod and bearings no problem but would rather just install a complete unit.


Item #1 (includes items 2,3,4,5,6) $364.74

It baffles me that you can get a crank for one of these bikes but I can't get a complete carb rebuild kit for a 400.

It seems like overkill (translate to wasted money) to replace the entire thing though unless you have confirmed damage or wear on all of the individual pieces.

People replace everything because by the time the labor is added up is worth just buying the whole crank

OK, it sounded like they were doing the work themselves.

If I wanted OEM with the high price I would have just gone to the dealer here,I was referring to a hotrods or another aftermarket reasonably priced crankshaft.We are doing the work ourselves but wanted the simplicity of just dropping in a replacement,the other way is sending it to a machine shop to have it pressed which incurs labor and more time(more time being the biggest problem).It seems we only have this option if we want to keep the cost down so its going to sent out next week and hopefully have it finished before our long weekend holiday in 2 weeks.

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