I was rideing last weekend and when I got done I checked all of my spokes and they were lose if anybody has any tips they will help thanks

I recently had 2 or 3 loose ones on the front myself, but none on the back were loose. I just tightened them up and check them every ride or so.

Make sure that when you tighten them you pick a starting point,such as the valve stem.Then tighten the first spoke, skip 2 spokes, then tighten the third spoke. Go through this procedure 3 times and all spokes will be tight and wheel should still be true.Hope this helps. :)

Loose spokes are the norm. These bikes are heavier than 2 strokes so they put more weight on the wheels which in turn causes a cautious owner to keep a good eye on his spokes. Take a look at em' after each ride or two and you'll be fine. Also, if your bike is new, it's automatic that the spokes are gonna loosen up. This is the same with ALL bikes.


just pinch them two at a time like in the middle of the triangle. go around like this on both sides and you can easily tell if you have any loose. I try to do it after and before each ride because its quick and it beats loosing or breaking a spoke or something worse happening!

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