Cooling system questions

I have a couple questions. I just purchased a 2000 wr400f today and I used to ride a 2003 xr400r. I am kind of new to liquid cooled bikes and I want to know about a couple ways to protect my bike from overheating because as we all know, money is tight and I do not have a lot of money to fix the bike with. I have wondered if there is something like a coolant temp gauge that you could install or even better is there a coolant temp radiator cap gauge type thing that you could watch your coolant temps with? Also, does xr's only sell a oil temp dipstick for the wr400 and if so, can you tell what your engine is running at by watching the oil temp or is there a big difference in oil and coolant temp? Also is there an actual fan kit made for this bike or would I have to make one? I know that this is not on the make/model specific forums but I wanted to make sure that my questions got answered and I figured more people would see it on the general discussion forum. Thanks for looking.

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i believe you can get stickers to find max temps... how accurate they are i have no idea.

Lots of KTM guys use computer fans for cooling. Maybe you could research that.

Also, riding in the desert, in tight and twisty single track I've never had a cooling issue. I make sure my radiators are in good working order, my jetting is correct, and I don't sit and idle for any period of time.

What are you doing that you are worried about overheating your bike?

Keep moving, radiators clean from mud and coolant to top of radiator .

There are thousands of water cooled bikes ridden every weekend with no issues

You know your bike is getting too hot when the coolant boils and starts spitting out the overflow

You worry too much. Go ride and have fun

Easiest & cheapest way: if you start seeing steam coming out from your bike and you didn't just immediately drive through a water hole then stop and turn the bike off for several minutes if you're stuck. If you are moving then keep moving or go faster. You'll be fine.

A temperature gauge solves no problems.

You can't 'un-do' and overheating bike just because you know the temp.

Most people slow down when they overheat, which is just the opposite of what the motor wants.

Put on silicone hoses, a 1.6bar radiator cap, engine ice, and you will be fine, unless you are an ametuer at tight clutch work; then you might need a fan.

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