WR 400 Gearbox Swap

Hi !

I recently bought a used WR 400 1998' and i was ensured that the Gearbox would be okay. I found that this was not the case and it seems like the thing is pretty worn down.

my questions is is it possible to take a complete gearbox from a newer WR450 and replace it into the WR400. The reason why im asking is that im finding it much easier to find parts for the WR450 then the WR400. so if any of you know of any sites that will ship complete or almost complete gearboxes worldwide let me know. im from Denmark and you cant get no spare parts for these bikes around here.

Best Regards

// Anders

Nope, sorry, it won't interchange.

Thanks you've been a great help Grayracer

So ill have to check up on what is worn down and change it bit by bit? does these bike have weak gearboxes from scratch or am i just being unlucky .. well the thing is 15 years old it could have had some rough times i know but? the engine runs great and pulls off like mad. and runs great in idle and reacts and feels great even with the old original worn down Carb.

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Will it fit from YZ 400F and WR 426?

Is it not a good plan to put a YZ Gearbox in it when im riding On road?

The gearboxes from any YZ/WR400F or 426 can be used. If you ride the road, you probably will not want the YZ gear set, since it has a considerably lower 5th gear, and the higher first gear will be a problem if you try to gear the bike up to make up for the low 5th gear.

So you Will suggest to buy a YZ 400 gearbox when om going for the Road in motard setup, which Will make the job easier since Thy are Easier to get hold off

Thank you Barra8 !

No, I would not recommend a YZ gearbox for the road.

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