Adding a tooth on the rear or new flywheel?

What would you do? I would like a more stable bottom end on our WR426 (I can handle the bike, but every visitor who rides it ends up stalling it while we're out on the trail). I'm thinking either up a tooth on the rear, or a new flywheel. I don't know anything about the flywheel costs, and I don't think I'd want to do that myself. What have/would you do? I'm currently running stock gearing on the bike.

I just installed a new rear sprocket with two extra teeth on my WR450 and it made a huge difference. Haven't stalled it since!

Personally, I think she's geared too low....I bought a 15T CS sprocket for mine yesterday :)

I agree with KentuckyWR. I went from a 14/50 stock combo to 14/52 after having the bike for about a month. I found it made quite a difference in tight single track without sacrificing the top speed which I rarely if ever have truly put to the test! There is just so much power in these bikes :)

Ditto, 14/52 BTW OEM yamaha sprockets are inexpensive.

Speaking of top end: sometimes I miss it, but ususally on a road. I'm currently at 13/49. Unless I'm with a bud geared higher (on a road) I don't miss the top end. I've got a big flywheel weight and still like it geared low.

Jetting, riding style, and lots of other factors determine your outcome. Don't be afraid to gear down a bit.

Just divide the counter/rear and go from there. That's your ratio. You'll find something that works. Start at the counter (cheap) and fine tune from the rear. :)

I would also go with the sprockets. I went from 14/49 to a 14/51 and it makes a good bit of differance not to mention cheaper than a new flywheel. 2cents

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