Type of Water Pump Kit?

You don't need to remove the clutch at all. Just remove the kick starter and pull the inner clutch housing off.

The clutch stays put. The kickstarter has to be removed from the shaft, and the shaft held in place by pushing inward as the case is removed.

Thanks yall. I'll take off the starter tonight. It's like rusted on it seems. My older bike didn't have much problem getting the kick start off. Because I don't want to pull to hard and damage any grooves and teeth that it catches onto to start.

Here are the pics. I figured out how to take it off, and will do tonight. Sorry grey for all the duplicates there is a glitch in the app right now and it kept sending everything 4 times. Can you please delete the duplicated copies.



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Ordered new seals last night :). The shaft, impeller, and bearing all looked good just bad seals. Stoked to put it all on and ride finally.

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