Big Chest Protector

Hello again everyone. I see a few posts about chest protectors. Now I have a problem, as some of you might know I'm 6'1" and 270lbs. I need a protector that will fit around my belly. Alot of beerto say the least! Can anyone help? Please reply!


The Acerbis Zoom Plus is the largest that I know of. It's what I use - 6'4", 250#


HRP XL fits perfect

Brian, I just ordered a Acerbis Zoom Plus. Hopefully it will be here in a week or so. I'll keep ypu posted if you like to let you know how it works out.


I purchased an Acerbis Zoom Plus and had to send it back. 6'5, 215lbs, thats right, tall and lean, way to big for my skinny butt. Lets do switchbacks...... :)


The Acerbis Zoom bodyarmor fits perfect, thanks.


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