To Kouba or not to Kouba?

NH Kevin

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posted December 02, 2001 08:48 PM


OK Gents,

It looks like we can get them for $11.00. If we cut out the packaging and instructions, it MAY be lower. I would post the instructions on TT or MS Word document and e-mail to everybody.

I would guess between postage and shipping, maybe a couple of bucks more...???

So we can place an order up front to Norm Kouba and each pay $16.00. He will ship directly to your home, with instuctions and "packaging".

If I am the middle man, the price should be $~13.00. It will get to you slower, probably by one EXTRA week. You will save > $3.00.

Several home made tools, or fancy screwdrivers have been offered by our fellow TT'ers.

Personally, I have messed with my fuel screw enough, burning my fingers, (thinking I was) turning the fuel screw but in fact never touched it. It is a hassle. I store my "screwdriver" under my crossbar pad.

All things considered, I AM interested in one of these things. If you look at it from a beer standpoint, I buy one 24 ounce Sam Adams (on tap) for $5.50. So this thing is roughly 3 of those (without a tip). I guess with a tip, 2 Sam's!

Tell me what you want. I DO NOT have an issue w/ being the middle man. Hey, 3 bucks is 3 bucks! If 20 guys buy them, that is $60 saved total (man dollars in the nuclear industry!). It may put us in some sort of favor w/ Norm! Who knows where it would go from there...???

This is what I have from everybody:

The Missile

Awesome. Where do I mail my check ?

Mike in Silicon valley

I'm all over that! Keep us posted.



count me in.



I'm in for one.


I'd be in for one.



scott h

Thanks for your efforts & count me in for one.


i'll take one


Add me to the list!


Please add me to the list.


Please count me in.The check will be in the mail as soon as I see an address to send it to.



Kevin as per my PM to you I am def interested in this tool, count me in


I want one also (probably two with Unkle Moose)......PayPal would reduce your headaches a lot as you move forward with this. Might be worth your time to set up an account.


I'm in for two of them.


I'm in on the deal.

Paul J. Carter

I'm in!


I would be interested in one if it works out.

huh would you like to see my Kuaba!!!lol :)

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