Campbell-Hengevel 2003 Baja 1000 650R


I was at the LA Cycle Show earlier today and noticed the Honda guys had put the Campbell-Hengevel 2003 Baja 1000 650R on display.

I took a few closeups and then posted them in the Yahoo 650R groups "Photo" section. (Sorry TT, I don't have a personal website to reference photos for this post.)

Here's the site url

Quick question...why did they paint the front fender black? My guess is due to the glare from the lights. On the other hand, those light might put out a good amount of heat. Enough to melt or warp the plastic fendor? Maybe its a heat resistant paint. Let me know...


Your guess is correct.

Any old flat black paint will get ya to the finish line. No issues with heat. Last year they had a stripe of black over the hump of the fender, and then the red again for the last 3-4 inches-looked cool. Not sure why they went back to a full length black design. Maybe the kid with the spray paint didnt want to tape it off...did you notice the rear shock is off a CR500? The muffler is a custom can design and its SS, not Ti. How about that over size front brake-its off a XL650...wish we could see inside that motor!

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