BK Q&A (I'm back)

Thanks for the re: Brian. This is the p-38 I was referring to. Sounds like the same thing you described in you message. Only about 75 bones more though.


I would like to try the BK mod on my 2002 426 f where can I get the screw and where does it go. can any body help me out :)

H-bomb, go to Motoman393's website. He has the skinny on the mod.


Hey Brian,

What are your thoughts on running the 426 on Mobil 1. The reason I ask is that I'm riding out here in the Middle East and the oil options are very limited. I know it's difficult to believe but the only decent oil I can find is Mobil 1 apart from standard mineral based motor oils.

I would really value your thoughts.

Thanks for your time.

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