quick question about spark plug

how do i remove the 'denso' cap on it?

whoops, I could have sworn i was in the WR 400/426/450 forum.

The bike is a WR450F 2009


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That is the ignition coil on the later WR/YZ models. Break the seal by rotating it and pull straight up. It fits onto the threaded tip of the spark plug same as if it had a conventional coil wire. You can "help" it with a screwdriver, but you have to be prudent. It's plastic, and if you crack it, you're out $125 just like that. So if you need to use a tool such as that, be sure you don't put too much pressure on anything, and only straight vertical. Soft jawed spark plug wire pliers are good for this, too, if you have them.

Give it a very quick yank straight up, with your hand.

just yanked it, and it came out. (thats what she said) it was really in there. thanks for the help. -mc

I went through the same thing over the weekend. I really thought I was going to break something when I was taking it off.



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