Saddleback--Tuesday 12-4

I'm going to go try the Saddleback track for Tuesday (Dec 4) practice. Are there any fellow TT'ers that are off on Tuesday who want to come join the fun??

I'll have a red Ford F-250 extracab and my #44 426 with black backgrounds. If that isn't enough to find me just look for the fat guy going slow!!!


Thw latest weather report is supposed to be partly cloudy with a small chance of rain........Perfect!!!!!


Perfect day....light rain the night before and the track had more traction than John Force's slicks.

To warm up I first went onto the Vet track. Pretty short and not prepped very well. It would be a good track to ride if I had my 74 YZ. Two of the days biggest injuries happened on this track.

The main track was well prepped (rain) and the clay base had perfect traction. Lots of safe yet challenging jumps, straights and turns. Track was wide in most spots and offered many different lines to choose from. Because of the clay base, I see potential for the track to become dry and slippery.

Overall, a great day and very fun track. A nice mid-week option.


It's a fun place. I prefer the main track and I also warm up on the vet track. The main track gets VERY torn up with pot holes covering every inch of ground that isn't the top of a jump or jump face. It would be more enjoyable if it weren't so choppy (either that or I should be in better shape). I've tried every possible suspension combination I can think of to no avail. I can get in two hard laps before I'm beat to a pulp and have to limp my chubby butt back to the pits. In comparison, I can do 4 hard laps on Elsinore's main track which is a much longer track. Anyway, I'm very glad they're back open and just happy to ride close to home.

I've been out there twice now and I agree with your assessments. I like the layout but the bumps are rough. Today they never watered the track and it could have used it. I still can't do the six rhythum jumps and the step up in back. But I'm glad its there. I went to Perris on Wed. For me that was a great track and well prepped. I liked a lot.


A little tip that may help you conquer the "elevator" and the six pack, try to remember to keep your throttle hand far enough forward on the grip that you can open the throttle all the way to the stops when in the "attack" position (the position you naturally grab the grips when you are in the standing position). This way you have access to every ponie your motor makes at the most critical moment you need it without having to drop your elbow when you crank open the gas. Free your ponies and your a$$ will follow!

The "elevator" is simple, you know you have enough speed to clear it if you've cleared the little double in front of it, just before landing from that little double roll the gas on all the way to the stops and hold her there till your rear wheel leaves the launch ramp of the elevator and viola! you're up and over the top.

The six pack is very easy, there's no penalty on the first two hops of the six pack as the landing zones are smaller than the take off ramps so even if you came up short you won't wreck.

When I'm at a new track and a section is giving me trouble I'll do that section over repeatedly till I get it figured out. This way you have all your strength for this section and you may need it to keep from hitting the dirt if you screw up. It's much better than doing the whole track and tiring before you get to the section that freaks you out then if you make a mistake you don't have the strength to ride it out or make corrections to prevent a crash.

By the way, I was out there today also. I was there from 8 to 11:30 and it was puuuuuuurfect. I could hold it wide open in 3rd gear around the two turns prior to the elevator and she stuck to the ground like glue. I run Dunlop 756's front and rear.


I agree with everything that Thumpy said except for one thing. When clearing the first double before the step up (elevator) you do need to accelerate to clear the step up. If you were to hold it wide open until you leave the ramp you will land on the other side of the turn after the jump. I sure did not like the chop at the landing area on the outside line.


I was back out there today too. What number is on your bike. Mine has black plates with white #44. Fndaway66 from the 250 board was there also.

Maybe we all can work out a day to meet up there after the holidays. It would be nice to be able to put some faces with these names!!!


Thanks for the suggestions. I have to get more confidence on both of those sections. Assuming the track keeps its permit (I think its current permit is good only to Dec 10th) maybe can meet next Tue or Thur.

Hey ernie,

Does your bike have a black rim on the front? I seem to recall a guy with black backgrounds, black fork covers, and the aforementioned rim. I can't recall the number on the plate though.

I have a 426 with #53, red fox gear/white boots (too sexy!) I spent most of the day working on the big table trying to find a line that would give me a good angle for the approach to the triple. I wasn't doing the triple cause I didn't get it figured out in time. By the time I loosened up and started to flow I had to load up and leave (at 11:30). In fact, I was parked right next to the EMT van (White Ford xtra cab 4x4 with two white side mount tool boxes). We were next to the usual entrance which they had blocked off for some reason.

At 225 lbs I've got to hold her wide open to get to the top of the elevator. Otherwise I clip the top and it throws me off for the approach to the corner and sucks up too much energy as well.

By all means, lets hook up out there. I'm ready anytime before December 19 and after January 1. I'll be back east for those two weeks.

Harold and Thumpy

You guys want to try hook up for the next Thursday, 12-13 practice??? I am working weekends now and the mid-week practice days are great for me. Maybe we can get some other TT'ers there too. As soon as I hear from you guys, I'll make another post for next Thursday practice.

I remember a big guy wearing white boots that was looking pretty fine......(just kidding)!!!! I do remember the truck you are describing. Fndaway66 (from the 250 board) was parked over in that area too. He was riding a 250F with #110 on it.

No black on my bike, stock graphics. I was wearing blue Answer pants, blue boots and my red Old Timers jersey.

That triple had me all messed up. Using the right side line I would over jump the double but my seat got sucked up my butt every time I though about going for the triple!! Using the left side line was not as scary but there was a hell of a g-out between the bouble and triple. I had to keep reminding myself to take it easy since that day was only the 5th time I have been back on a track since blowing out my knee.

Lets ride, Ernie


I think I can make it thursday, probably only for a couple hours though.

Ya, that triple looks worse than it is. The key is in the approach and that's what I was working on most of the morning. I know what you mean about the G-out on the inside line, it was brutal. You're almost better off short jumping it and bouncing to the top of the triple instead of compressing in the landing. I wasn't doing it all. I was sticking the landing on the table top in various places to see what gave me the best line for the triple then I'd pull off and go around it. By the time I got it figured out I had to leave.

I don't remember seeing your ensemble, in fact the only guy I remember really is the guy that broke his chain and had to have his bike retrieved by the pick-up truck. He was doing the triple from the inside! Ahhh, to be young and stupid.... :)

[ December 07, 2001: Message edited by: thumpy ]

I can probably make Thursday also. my e-mail address is That triple was giving me problems also. I would go to the left but if I went too slow (which I did) then the landging hurt and if I went too fast I felt like I just kept bouncing all the way through and was lucky to make it out at all. One guy on a 426 was going to the big jump on the right and looked great- he would power through, stop the rear wheel in mid air gas it and the land perfect and fly off. Good for him.

Ok, I'll make a new post for the 12-13 Thursday practice.

I know I have the speed to do that triple but.....!! I'm still trying to get all of the seat cover outta my butt!! I'll put all of my details in the new post.


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