Coolant coming out overflow after rebuild. Help Please.

GrayRacer this my old trans it worked fine it didn't jump out of gear.

I put a WR trans in my YZ and it was just sitting on a self in my garage before I gave to Dennish87.

This why I think it not the trans I could be a shifter fork.

The shift fork he used is new, in case you missed that. Only the center shift fork is implicated in a fifth gear problem.

Chain and sprocket problems would occur in all gears, and the bike would be more prone to forcing the chain to jump in low gear than any other because of the increased torque multiplication in the lower gears.

Obviously, without riding the bike myself, I can't say for certain, but it sounds classically like the trans, whether it did it for you or not.

Grayracer just try everything else before he tears the motor back apart you know it no fun the second time if he don't have to.

I would check everything else first before going the motor tear down route.

When I put the WR trans in I had to split the case for the second time my fault I put a thrush washer in the wrong spot I happen to have a spare gasket kit for the motor so it was not big of deal.

I don't think Dennis has extra gasket kit and parts sitting around so like I said before he go's buy more parts and gaskets, look at everything else first.

well, there's a bottom end on ebay that I'm going to put a bid on. It's $300 for the bottom end. It will cost me almost $300 for a two new shift forks and a shift drum. Even if it's the 5th gear, I'm not going to tear it apart without replacing those parts because I will sell my bike before I tear it apart for a 3rd time lol. I have an appointment to take it to the yamaha dealer and that will cost me one hundred to to have them diagnose it. that's not till the 2nd. I think I will save money in the long run by just swapping out the bottom ends. Then I will sell my bottom end on ebay and almost break even. I don't think it's the jetting. It ran fine before and I haven't changed anything ie aftermarket pipes or anything else. If I don't win the auction then I will take it to the dealer and have them figure it out. Then if I have to split the cases and do it over again. I need to take the top end off anyway. Pretty sure the headgaskets are bad. I can see some seepage of coolant coming out of the bottom gasket closest to the bottom end. That's probably why I started this thread in the first place. I bought some cheaper gaskets off ebay thinking I would save money. Dumb idea.

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