NEW XR650R!!!

I just brought home my xr650r home today. It is completly stock and I'm tring to get it dual-sported before the end of the year. Does anybody have any sugestions on things that I can do to bring out the beast?


First thing I did with mine (I ran it maybe 15 minutes before I did it) was get a kit to uncork the bike. This is a pretty simple kit that gives you a *large* increase in power, as well as a cooler running and easier starting engine. The "official" kit consists of a new intake boot (from engine to carb), a new pilot jet, main jet, and needle, removal of 2 restrictors int he airbox, and a new bafle for your exhaust. Some people choose to drill out part of the original baffle, but I wanted to have both (the new one will be quite a bit louder). This mod is reccomended for everyone (that can reasonably epect to be able to hang on!).

I just installed a Baja Designs street kit yesterday. I cost just under $500, after adding the optional front brake light switch, and shipping. It took about 5 hours to install (being very careful) with a buddy. Thier directions are very good, although I did have to make a couple of modifications (one was having to take the grinder at the new voltage regulator to get it to fitt where they wanted it, the second was having to do a wire-splice of the front brake light switch's juice juice line into the brake light system... Also the instructions don't cover mounting the license plate frame, strangely.) Now that the kit is installed, I'm pretty happy with it. It may not have everything you need in your state to be legal though, your best bet to find out what you need is to call an inspection station and ask them.

My next addition will be DOT-legal tires so I can plate it, then a bicycle speedometer/odometer, maybe taller handlebars, then probobly the oversize fuel tank (I hear these things get bad gas mileage!)

There are a few other sources for street kits, you should be able to find them easily on this forum, as well as more mods. I had a great experience buying my un-cork kit from bajadesigns (ordered on Monday, asked for rush delivery to get it by Friday, they managed to do it and I rode uncorked that weekend!) so I was confident in using them for the street kit (they told me they were about a week backordered on the kit, and I got it just over a week later).

Welcome to the club!

Congratulations on the new bike. I have only had mine for a couple of weeks. I'm waiting on the parts to uncork. I can't wait. :)

I am selling the Baja Designs Dual sport kit and a rear rack off my bike, check the for sale "parts" forum if you are interested,

Congrats, I just picked up a used 02 with a plate, but I am going bare bones street legal with it. I sold my 01 and bought a WR426 that just was not the bike for me. I love the BRP's!

Dude! You're gonna love this bike, after it's uncorked. The power up kit is fairly easy to do, so go for it! You'll be glad you did, unless of course, you end up on your ass from all the extra power! And yes, it does make that much difference. Also it's easier to start and won't overheat.

Watch out for a huge low end response with an even stronger midrange punch. Have fun!

Definately uncork it. My bike came uncorked when I bought it, but just had a chance to ride a friend's stock bike. If it was any more uninspired in stock form, the AMA would have to make it legal in the 85cc mini class. :)

The best dualsport kit on the market is They make the best by far and there is wide agreement on this. I and others have had other kits and nothing compares. Look them up Dale is great!! The best customer service you will ever find.


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