WR450F Hole in Airbox?

I have a '08 WR450F that I noticed has started coming home from rides with one corner of the air filter way dirtier than the rest of the filter. On closer examination today, I found a hole in the air box on the front, right, lower corner where it is closest to the exhaust. I've never seen this before, but never looked either.

Part of this hole has smooth edges like the hole is intentional and belongs there, and other parts of the hole appear melted like the hole was melted and definitely doesn't belong. Can't find a picture or diagram that shows this corner. Does this hole belong?


I would say no. Since it does look melted on one side I would say it got melted through somehow with the exhaust. The only holes that people put in them are on the side.

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I'm also interested if anybody has any repair options. It's obviously hot there.

maybe tin foil would help as the fender on that side is covered in a type o reflective tin foil? especially if it's from the heat. usually small critters like mice like to get in there and chew away, especially the airbox for some reason. watch out for that too

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Pipe did it.

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