Tragic News At SpeedWorld........

I am writing this with a HEAVY heart as my good friend and closest competitor died today in a racing accident.

I've written and told many race stories I have had with Mark Anderson. Today at the SpeedWorld GP we had our usual battle going on where we had passed each other back and forth about four to five times. It was an epic battle where we each had our favorite spots on the long course. They ran us on the SX track too, where both of us never ride on. At about the 55 min point I had passed him and a #4 Honda, desert Pro (Lynn something) as we had just gotten back on the SX portion. I approached this triple jump and was in a higher gear. I had been only doing the double before. This time it launched me and as I was in the air I knew I was in trouble! Sure enough I cased it hard and the bike veered to the right and I did a faceplant with Mark landing on my bike. I was trapped underneath both of them, and I had seen him get up for a second before he laid on his back. I could not get to him and I was yelling for someone to get the bikes off me as I did not want to get landed on again. I had no idea of Mark's serious condition until I saw that he was unconsious.

He turned purple real quick, and they tried to revive him with no sucess. The Air Vac medics finally arrived and got a pulse going, and I had a little bit a hope for my buddy. When we arrived at the hospital, it was not good as he was on life support, but brain dead as his neck was broken and his trachea crushed.

What even hurts more was we were not going to do this race, then my buds decided too and I talked Mark into it also.

He was a GREAT PERSON, I wish it was me instead of him, he did not deserve this. :)


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Godspeed to a fellow competitor and motorcycle enthusiast.

My thoughts reach out to Mark and his family.


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and the family of your buddy. While we all know racing has its inherent dangers, we all hope nothing of this magnitude would ever occur.

When Mark stands at the Gate and speaks to St. Peter he can tell him that when he passed he was doing something he truly loved.

Godspeed Mark


Gary, don't blame yourself. We have little control over when God chooses to call us home. Find relief knowing he died doing what he truly loved. It was his time to go.

My condolences to his family.

GOD bless all involved

Very sorry for your loss, and my thoughts and prayers will be with you!! GOD bless you!!

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OMG, G-Man, I can't even bring to reality what you must be feeling...hope you are able to cope and deal w/this great loss. Take care of yourself and know our thoughts are with you. Jason

Gary, I'm very sorry to hear about your friend.

My thoughts are with his family and friends. Further, I don't think you should beat yourself up over it. This is an unfortunate side of our sport that you or any of us have no control over. I hope you can work through those feelings.

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God Bless you Mark. Gary, Mark knew you were his good friend and he loved racing with you. He knows you were by his side until the end.

Very sorry to hear about this unfornunate accident. Don't blame yourself we all take risks in this wide open sport. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends' family. Frank


After leaving the track yesterday, I spent the rest of the evening praying that this story could have a happy ending.. We all know the risks involved every time we throw a leg over a bike. It is one thing to accept those risks for your self but much harder to accept them for others; Friends, siblings, children. I think we have to know that they make their own choices and give them credit for their own decisions. This was hard on me just to be at the same track in the same moto. I cannot begin to fathom what it is like for you.

My deepest reguards to all.

Godspeed Mark.

Dave S

Godspeed to your pal, and don't blame yourself, racing is racing,and accidents happen. You had no more control over that situation than if he had died driving down a freeway. He died doing something he loved, and that is far better than having no choice at all.

Condolences to all involved, if there is a fund setup for expenses, I would be glad to contribute....

-Keith Schaefer


Our deepest sympathy to all of those involved.

Hang in there buddy, God bless you !!!!

Godspeed Mark.

Man that's tragic. Gary hang in there man. Your fellow T-Talkers are pulling for you!

Mark, say hi to George for us!


My thoughts and sympathy go out to all affected. MXTuner has good perspective. Time will heal, hang in there.


I am sorry to hear of the misfortune. Everyone knows the dangers of MX but few have been in your shoes. I am sure any of us could have done the same thing.

God bless


My Condolence out to the family. When your number is called it’s time to go. Everyone has a number.

He went doing something he loved. Not everyone can claim that. He riding perfect tracks now, fresh prepared, no dust, hard packed, braking bumps and a blue sky.

Life is short, live to the fullest.

Peace, love and

God Bless


I am very sorry to hear about the death of your close friend and riding buddy. Godspeed to Mark and may strength and courage be with his family and friends.

Mortality is something we try to put in the back of our minds when we're out riding, but we all know the possibility of serious injury or death is looming behind the inoppurtune twist of the throttle by you or someone else. Mark knew this and accepted the miniscule odds of something like this ever happening to him as being remote. Don't blame yourself for what happened, for if he could, he would be out riding again with you, his bud, again.

One of my best friends and I were out training one day several years ago when something you never expect to happen, happened. We were the only ones on the track, and had been going at it back and forth for about 40 minutes. After having enough of his roost, I decided it was time to pass him back and so started taking different lines to set him up for the pass. What happened on the next right-hander changed my life. I had set the pass up perfectly, traction was spot-on since it had rained the previous day and we were haulin'. Going up the hill approacing the right-hander, I went wide and then cut to the inside of the right hand turn and the pass would've been really clean. However, just before I got by him, my friend slid out and rather than just letting it go, he tried to save it by staying on the gas. In so doing, it shot him across the track directly into me, almost at a ninety degree angle, all in the blink of an eye. His momentum knocked us off the track and we sort of landed pancacked together while still riding. Both him and his bike where on me as we hit the ground. All of the combined weight on my right leg snapped it on impact. Both my Fibula and Tibia were shattered at that instant.

Sorry for the long story, but what I wanted to emphasize is that he is still one of my best friends and I still ride with him often. Mark would still want to go racing with you but his injuries where a little more than his body could handle. You will overcome your sorrow but will at the same time have a little bit of Mark's spirit in you when you're out riding next time.

Take care.



I am so sorry to hear this news and to know what you must have, and are still going through.

He sounds like he was a great friend for you in many ways.

Everyone - For those that have never lost a family member or good friend, I'm sure you will still share the thoughts on how fragile life can be.

We all know that lives are lost in everything from accidents about the house, to daily commutes in our cars, to unexpected disease. Ironically, one of the greatest risks we can take is giving birth to life itself.

In short, life is inherently a risk.

Riding motos is a matter of making life riskier than it already is. Whether we have put any thought into that or not, we know and understand this.

But more importantly, we know that the bigger challenge in life is not risk, but the opportunity to discern the difference between living...and merely surviving.

In the end, circumstance will get us all. By my religion, the only true loss in life is that of one which would conclude in regret.

Respect this, and ride-on.

By the way, when you have a moment, click over to G-Man’s web site. It’s well worth a visit anytime you put to question the reason why we do what we do.


Sorry to hear of the tragedy.

I just went through a similar but TOTALLY different. I have not raced since APR because of my mom being sick and finally passing on. The last race of the year was on 4NOV01........hare n hound. I wanted to get out there and prove to myself that I could still do it and be succesful!

We started European style.(class by class 1min intervals/3classes per row) My friend started 1 row in front of me and had come up to me about 2min b4 his row started and wished me luck and we exchanged the usual handshake and BE SAFE OUT THERE! On the second loop about halfway thru , which was about the 48mile mark, I came up on him starting his bike. His KTM380 had exploded in the previous race and he decided to ride his Husaberg 4str. He was not used to it and was having trouble with getting in rythm all day. I stopped to see if he was ok and he was mad that I was wasting time and should "get my A in gear!" After we left the sand dune area we came to some dry lake beds and having to cross from on to the other. In essence there were "islands" that seperated them that were only 100-300yds then bak to the lake beds. Each and every race I "HEAR" things while I am out there but NEVER turn around.(safety and superstition) I heard or at least heard something for about 1 mile. Then it was gone. I was in a groove and really packin'....passing ppl left and right. All the sudden I did not hear the background noise anymore. I got back to the finish and saw my friends fiance' and just realized that he had not passed me. I was kinda' proud of myself because he is a faster rider. I figured I was just cookin' and felt like I had riddden good. I assured her that he was just having problems starting the HUSSY.

When I got back home I found out that he had broken his femur because of his brand new CTi2's.

At the hospital I tried to get out of him what had happened but he was still on Morphine.

From what he could remember he was trying to pass someone but having a hard time. He evidently was trying to pass ME across the flats and when he came up on me we were approaching one of those islands and he couldn't shut it down quick enough , hit a mound around a sage and kicked him over the bars. His leg must have gotten snapped when he nosed in. Good thing for those CTi's. A femur is repairable and a knee is pretty much history when something major like that happens. They made him get out of bed and walk the next day with no cast and only a plate and screws! OUCH!

Anyway, I know this is not even compaired to your sorrows , but my point is this.......He assured me it was NOT my fault! numerous times.

But I still replay this at least 3 or 4 nites a wk in my dreams to try to remember if I caused it????!!!

The bottom line is we both knew the risks and we both were doing what we LOVE! 2wheels!

God Bless

Don't beat yourself up.


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