Tragic News At SpeedWorld........

You guys are the greatest and I feel so lucky to have the support from you. With all the bs the Internet can bring on it's times like this that show how great it can be. Without it I would not have the support from you, as I would have never met you guys. Some I have met in person and some not, but like I told my Girlfriend today, "now you know why I spend so much time on the 'Net', because you guys are like my brothers...." I have sat here and read your guys replies over and over and I am not ashamed to say most of the time I have been sobbing. My buddy Jimco, his sister Kathi have read them too, and cried also. Cheryl (Marks g/f) who was there and at his side along with his loving family at the hospital just came over. I told her about this post and all the kind-hearted replies you guys have sent. She requested I print it out to give to his family. They have requested for Mark to be an organ donor so he will save lives of others and live on. This is what Mark would have wanted as he was a giving type of person. Not only will I miss his great friendship but also the great times we had racing each other. Never in my life have I had such a close competitor week in and week out, and no matter what happened on the track we were great friends off the track and shook each others hand every time, cracked a beer and benched race for hours afterward. My friends would say "there could be 20+ riders on the track, but it was always Mark and you like we were connected".

I will miss you Mark and riding/racing will never be the same for me, but your spirit will be with me brother, I Love You......



I don't even know what to say. I was out there when that happened. We didn't realize it was so serious until the chopper came. I really feel for everyone involved with Mark's life, I know it has to be a difficult time.

I am sure Dan M. will probably have some sort of memorial/benefit deal for Mark in the near future to help his family out. I'm sure that would be nice. I know Dan was pretty shook up about the whole thing. Speedworld has been in existance for 6 years and has never had a tragedy like this.

Godspeed Mark

Family & Friends are in my prayers!!


My best wishes to yourself and everyone involved. Mark knows that you and your buds only wanted to have a good time like so many times in the past. We all crash eventually, some crashes are worse than others. If we ride with our friends then that means that sooner or later we're going to share a crash with a friend. Unfortunately this was a bad crash which involved two good people who happened to be friends. You have no reason to blame yourself so don't beat yourself up.

I am so very sorry to hear about this tragic incident. Godspeed to Mark, I'm sure he's up in heaven getting all the holeshots.

G, don't blame yourself. It was just a freak thing and like so many others have said, he was doing what he loved, and doing it with people that he loved.

Take care and sympathies to the family.


I want to say from a previous converstaion we had that Mark was a member of the that correct?? Please let me know so I can advise our local So. Cal. chapters.

I have thought about you since I posted this morning. Again, I cannot imagine your hurt at loosing a friend. Please do not blame yourself as we cannot always control life's destiny.

My father passed away almost 22 years ago and not a day goes by that he doesn't enter my thoughts. That is a part of being human.....caring for our loved ones and friends.

Remember all of the fun and good times you have had with Mark and that will help to heal your broken heart.



yes Mark was a member of the AZOTMX, and we are trying to set up a memorial fund for the family and a memorial ride at SpeedWorld this weekend.

Thx again,


Godspeed Mark.

Even though I only briefly knew him it was easy to see what a good friend he could be. I sit here now picturing him kicked back in a chair in the pits, benchracing and smiling about the great race him and Gary just had.

God bless Gary, Cheryl, Mark's family and friends

Gary, always here for you, call me if I can help in any way.



My condolences to Mark's family and you and yours. As many others in this forum have already posted, it was NOT your fault. We have risks in our lives every day even when not riding. At least Mark was doing what he loved when this tragedy occured. You should continue riding as I'm sure he would expect you to do(he probably would do the same if he were in your shoes).

God Bless and God Speed


My condolences to Mark's Family and to you.


May God be with your and Mark's family through these tough times.

I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It was not your fault, just something that happened. I believe all we really have in this life is each other, and when I hear stories like yours I just want to go home and hug my wife and kids. But I still want to ride and race. As the people above pointed out, all life is a risk. I am not going to go hide in the basement so I can live longer.

What can one say.... I too was there that day, but had left before the pro race. I didn't know Mark, but yet couldn't sleep last night, burdened by both shock and grief.

Godspeed Mark...

G-Man, the members of this board are a very special group of people. I haven't been here long, but know I can speak for everyone when I say...if there is anything we can do, you let us know!


I am very sorry to hear this and especially to a motorcycle enthusiast.My prayers go out to his family.


Having recently lost a close friend and my grandfather, I have sat here crying since I read your first post. I am so, so sorry for you and his family, I know how painful it is. I will pray for you all, that God will give you his peace, and be with you as He welcomes your friend home.

God bless you.


G-man -

Very sorry to hear of this unfortunate incident. As with the other posts, know that we feel your pain.

My Regards and Condolences,

Steve Thompson

G-Man, this topic scares the hell out of me... this is what I face as well as the other racer want to be's like me that face every weekend of racing for us amatures/mid-pro level riders. This truely touches me. I do not have insurance to protect myself, my body... what if some one steps off there bike in mid air like you did...not your fault - but sometimes fate has it as so many described here...This is truely is what it is...I take the risk as well as you & your friends... we all know what the risk is --- we all sign it away at every track we ride... maybe it is true as MXTuner said" his time to go " I believe this is what racing motorcycles is about! My race this Sunday will prove it! Either put it all on the line or not! If you want to move ahead & pass you may put it on the line or not! I respect you & your not feel low..this is your/mine sport - we make mistakes -- Mark was at the wrong place at the wrong time ---you bailed - you can not fault yourself..this is racing.....we all put it on the line each weekend with people we know & do not know...I do it for the rush....I may, you may happen to fall on a fallen rider......this is part of the the deal.....Mark, rest in peace my did what you enjoyed most....GMan - my heart & glory go to you -- take care my friend!!!!This is why we do this....

Hang in there Gman, time heals all wounds. We just lost a rider here at our local track who lost it on a jump. We do all lay it on the line everytime we mount up. It's a fast sport and things happen far too quickly for our meager human reflexes to prevent all accidents. Just got to leave it to the big guy upstairs. When it's your turn, it's your turn.

All our prayers are with you.

I love crashing!

A prayer for Mark. I never met him, but I can see him and I know him.

Father, today we send a friend to your Kindom. We have sent friends before him and we too shall follow in due course. Give him rest and peace and heal his earthly wounds. Console those he left behind. Swiftly bring to us happy memories that never fade. To our fallen friend we say not good-bye, but until we meet again.



My thoughts are with you and all involved. I've shed a tear in your friends honor.



Hang in there, time will heal. My heartfelt condolences go out to Mark and his family. I lost a few friends and co-racers during my roadracing days and it is a tough situation to deal with, but you will be okay, just hang in there.

-- Charles


I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.

My condolences to all of Marks family and friends.

He will always live on in your memories.


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