Tragic News At SpeedWorld........


I new to ThumperTalk but I would like to convey my best wishes to Mark's freinds and family.

My prayers will be with you.


I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend.

My condolences to all of Marks family and friends.

We had a similar situation happen up here in eastern Canada.

One of our riding buddies and more importantly good friend, passed away due to an injury sustained from an offroad accident.

We have an annual trail ride in his memory and the top junior in the class recieves the "Carl Mitchell" memorial trophy.

Time will make things easier, yet the ride and trophy keep him in memory.

Paul Smith

Godspeed Mark. G-man, my condolences. Sympathies are with you and all invloved. Let it not slow you down in life, for as you ride on, you shall know Mark is riding right along with you and watching over you.


Lance E. Warheit

G-Man, Im so sorry to hear the about the bad news. It will take some time to sort out some of the feelings you must have but you need to understand that things like this happen from time to time. I lost one of my best friends to cancer, a buddy that I use to go riding with every weekend and now he's gone. Since his death I have become a better person who appreciates life and what I have so much more. Godspeed to your good friend Mark. He'll be in my prayers.


I hope that you can recall all the great times you and Mark have had over the years and know that you will have a chance to visit with him again in the after life and know that he harbors the same fond memories of you. He has passed and we also will pass on. We will all look back together and enjoy all the memories that we make while we were here.

May God bless you and Marks spirit always comfort and be near you as his true friend.

I'm sorry that this tragedy happened to you and Marks family. God knows all and will support you and Mark in this time of need.

It always scares me that something tragic will happen to someone when I go riding. My friend's Dad died of a Heart Attack in 1979 in Jericho on the sand dunes. It still hurts to think of that day. He was 51 years old. My brother and I were riding a sandy wavey road in 1980. We saw no one for miles. he was ahead about 100 yards and I saw him go down. As I came over the hill I saw what had happened. He had landed on a young 8 year old girl who had run out of gas on a mini 50 and sat in the hole for about 30 min. (according to her brother). We almost lost her in the middle of nowhere. My brother didn't ride for a year after that and that is about the only time I have seen him cry. He became a hero that day to me. You my friend are the same. Bad things that are unexplaned happen to good people.

Sorry to ramble, keep the faith and don't blame yourself. Mark still loves you and will always be your friend. Good Luck.


I've been reading all the posts in this thread and I found myself wondering if I should add anything. What could I possibly add? :) Steve Claus and I trade paint all the time riding and I found myself thinking about how close many of us may have unknowingly come to something like this tragedy :D Life truly is a fragile thing. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Bryan Bosch

Steve Claus

I couldn't add anything of value to what has already been said - so let me just share my prayer:

That God grant Gary peace, and the knowledge that this was not his fault.

God, please bless Mark's family and friends with comfort and understanding - and make it clear to them that Mark is in a better place

Godspeed Mark - the best is yet to come.......

I'm truely sad for a friend I've never had the chance to meet, sad for his family and friends, sad for all of us cause we've lost one of our own.......


No words can fully capture a time like this. My condolences and best wishes are with Mark’s family. We say that we know and accept the risks and that they are a part of our sport, but that sure doesn’t make the pain any less. Also, please try not to let guilt get you down. It could happen to any of us at any time. There isn’t any blame at all just bad luck with consequences that we all wish weren’t true. Try to remember that at least his last moments were doing something he really loved. Think of the fun that he was having trying to catch you- his good friend in one of your epic races.

My thoughts are with Mark, his family, and with you.

Harold Anderson

[ December 06, 2001: Message edited by: Harold in So Cal ]

Don't allow yourself to play "what if" games. What happened was truly tragic, but you're not God, you don't decided who lives or dies. Bad things happen that we will never figure out, go forward, embrace your family, cherish every moment you have.

It is amazing how tragedy, from a negative perspective can shake us to the core, but can also make us appreciate each moment all the more.

Reminds me of an uncle who was deer hunting with some friends, they dropped him off and he was going to walk in to his stand. He didn't come out when they expected him, they found him sitting beside a tree - dead from a heart attack. He was doing something he loved, his family knew he loved them, it was his time and he was ready to go.


My sincere sympathies go out to Mark and his family as well as yourself. Hopefully you are not drowning yourself in guilt. Looks like many of us are thinking of both of you.


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