OT...but we got the SOB!!

It's about time!!

Saw this on a newsgroup.

This is just Saddams way of meeting with Bush to discuss the US surrender because as was stated on Iraq TV we really arn't even in Iraq, we were beat back at the borders. It's all just a US ploy :)

Congrats to the men and women of the armed forces!!! Hopefully this makes them a little safer.

:D :D :D:):D :D

Thanks to the US forces!!!!! :D

Let just hope that Saddam's capture will bring back some sort of peace so our US friends will come back unharmed. :D

But personnaly I think that this part of the world will never know peace, as we understand it. :)

So much for Saddam's " you'll never take me alive" comment!! :)


Another "small" man taken out of the way by the U.S :):D. I believe the point will be made now that... when you take the head OFF the snake, in time the rest will die.

Now... where is the rest of the snake :D?


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