Starting the an '02 426 after a stall

This may be common info for those who've ridden the 4xx's for a while but I've posted this once or twice and haven't gotten a response that helped me past the problem. However, this weekend, I somewhat figured it out and wanted to share it in case somebody else is going through this.

After a stall or crash my bike sometimes would be very hard to kick. When trying to find the hard spot, it wouldn't go much past the top, so I would pull the decompression lever (DL) go down about an inch and try to kick but the kick start would catch about half way down and not go any farther. I would pull the DL in and kick several times and most of the time I would get a good backfire or two and then after a while I would be able to push the kickstarter down about half way to find the point, then follow the procedures.

This weekend after gettnig back on the bike after a short layoff, I stalled it several times and which turned out to be a good thing.

To start it now after a stall, if the kick start won't go that far down, I pull the DL so I can push the starter down almost to the bottom. Release it and try to find just the tiniest least of resistance. (Usually about an inch from being all the way down.) and pull the DL and take it an inch further, bring the kick starter back up to about 3/4 of the way and then kick with the hot start on. Never caught once and the bike started like a charm about 3 or 4 times.

I don't know what it is that makes kick lever get so hard to kick after a stall. I'm assuming is gas in the cylnder or something but it's a pain.

Good luck


I don't know if you've done the BK mod yet, but if you haven't you should. Every bike that I've done it to (4), it has eliminated the hard start problem altogther, even after a fall.

Your case sounds very weird to me. Almost like you're not at the beginning of the compression stroke when you pull the compression release, or maybe it's turning itself off to soon or something. Try this (out of curiosity). Next time this happens, first pull the hot start and then kick it slowly to the hard spot. Once you're there, pull the compression release and kick it one more inch. Then release the compression release and slowly kick it around until you hit the hard spot again. This should be the start of the compression stroke. You should then be able to pull the compression release, kick it an inch, release the compression release and give it a full kick.

This is what I do if I stall and don't know what position the motor is in and it works every time. If that doesn't work then something very odd is happening.

Thanks, I did try the BK mod and it didn't work for me. Had problems so I took it off. I heard from BK and he said the '02's didn't need it. Also, by saying it's hard to start I'm not talking about a fuel problem. I'm saying you can't kick it all the way to. You follow the instructions and when you go to kick, it catches about half way through. I don't care how big you are you can't kick because I've had some large people try and they are amazed as me. If you get the bike to kick through properly, it starts just fine.

Thanks for the reply though.


That's kind of what I do. However, you can push down to find the hardspot. The kick starter most of the time won't even go down. So in the past I pull the compression lever in a couple of times and keep kicking it all the way through and then eventually everything would work the way it's suppose to. However, now I do pretty much what you say but after pulling in the compression lever, I have to go all the way to the bottom. (About an inch from the end.) Pull the compression lever again and push down another inch which is pretty much all the way through, come back up 3/4's of the way and I can kick it all the way through.

I don't think this is normal either as for I've never seen anybody's elses bike catch the way mine does when trying to start it.


KFrosty mine does the same thing everyonce in a while, especially when cold. So, I pull the Decompression release in & go all the way to the bottom/stroke, then come up 1-2inches kick & it starts. After I have ridden the bike for a little while, this issue goes away & the bike starts normally. It is as if the hard spot never goes away after finding TDC, but once the bike starts the first time, this straightens out. Sure hurts your foot sometimes.

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