Fine metal in oil filter 426

I have a little bit of metal in my filter and it is magnetic any input where it is coming from ? I changed my oil went for a hour ride checked my filter again looks clean.I just bought the bike all seems good the bike flys i had a 05 450 the 426 seems to be faster bottom end and top

Fine metal grindings/"filings" are a normal part of transmission operation. Change your oil and filter regularly and watch for an increase in the quantity and nature of the debris.

Same as greyracer said. My 426 does the same thing. I found a bunch of particles in my filter that were big, ended up being a shift fork getting chewed up. Just rebuilt my engine and had a bunch of fine sparkles. Changed the oil and they went away. I wouldn't worry.

Thanks for the info

I just changed my oil and replaced both the frame and case plug with new magnetic plugs to help collect this debris...

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