spark plugs?

so i am going to put a new plug in the 426. what plug are you guys using? and how about the E3 spark plug? i see them on all the car shows, and wanted to know what you guys think? I had used split fires back in the day in a old snow mobile and it olny seemed to help on very cold starting.

That's all it would be able to help, no matter what was promised.

The best plug you can get at realistic prices, one that will actually start the bike reliably and may run for a year or more is the NGK CR8EIX iridium.

yea i was thinking about useing that one thanks

My personal thoughts on the E3 is they suck. Put a set in my 2010 GMC Sierra around 80K miles and after about 10,000 miles my truck developed a miss. Ended up taking it back to the dealership to get diagnosed and they found a crack in the ceramic on one of the plugs that was grounding out causing the misfire. To my knowledge nothing hit or in any other way damaged the plug to cause the crack and it didn't happen on installation because I drove 10,000 miles before the problem developed. In that time I didn't notice any performance enhancement or better fuel mileage. I now go with AC Delco (OEM) plugs. In my opinion you can't go wrong with stock OEM.

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