2009 Yz450f sluggish bog

hey guys,

Today i was riding a track hit a double double double section and on the third double when landing the big bogged almost shot me forward and after that the bike felt very sluggish.

It was still starting no problem didnt ride it after. The air filter had about a ride and half on it.. it was dirt but I've seen worse.

got home went inside for a bit went to start it and the only way i could get it started was the hot start and choke on.

ever since landing though the big doesnt seem to rev as high and sounds sluggish and laggy almost..

What do you think it is? vales need to be shimmed clean the carb?

Carb's the most likely suspect. You might first check to see if it's become dislodged from the mounting sleeve/isolator part way from the impact of one of the landings.

It could be a float or float level problem, or it may have picked up something out of the bottom and stuck it in the main jet.

We know what the problem is it lol

it involves a motor that doesn't moved anymore shes seized :thumbsup:

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