Valve adjustment help

After 6000 miles I finally decided to check my valves. ( I know, I know I should have done it sooner but the bike runs so damn good) Ok here's my question, when checking with the feeler gauge how much pressure should I feel. When I first push the gauge in there's a little resistance, then it slides around easily and when I pull it out there is also a little resistance right before it comes out. Even through I can slide the proper size feeler gauge in,I think this may be the sign that its a little tight (resistance when I pull it out) Am I actually compressing the valve spring with the feeler gauge (seems possible its very thin and cover with oil)I can understand a little resistance when I push the gauge in( angles being a little different) but not when I pull it out. And my gauge does not have a kink or bend at the tip ( first thing I checked) Any help would be appreciated. thanks

It should feel like sliding a piece of paper out from under a good magnet on the fridge....

Good analogy, as I thought there a little tight

Damn I wish I could learn to spell.( I know I spelled analogy wrong)

Actually, you spelled it right.... :) But you used the wrong they're :D

Good luck with the valves.... :D

why does the shims in my motor come in odd sizes,for example ,it has 181, 176 and other sizes other than the increments of 5? but you can only buy them in the increments of .5? but if any one needs any odd sizes i have them. 179,181,176,180,178.

The factory has a much better selection of's prob'ly not cost-effective :D to try to make them all available :)

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