CRF 55 lbs. lighter than YZF ???


Let me know the next time you go to NJORVP. Maybe we can hook up.


Originally posted by LOOPOUT:

See ya at the VP GP ... I missed last years but this year i am ready...

hows that stang running?

The VPGP was probably the most fun race I did last year, even though it was super muddy. That whole place is just a blast. Just beware of the sandbagging MX'rs though. There was the one kid who was riding the novice class doing a triple/triple through the old rythm section, even as muddy as it was. :) This year its supposed to be a longer course which should be great. Hope the rain stays away.

The stang is gone. :D Wifey said it was that or riding so I couldn't argue. :D

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Hey how does that buddy race work .. me & rapture are gonna do it... do you need 1 bike or can you each ride your own?

I'm not sure, I only went down on Sunday last year. They do all the tag team and father son races on Sat. I think you can ride your own bike, and you just have to come in and tag the other person. But I don't think you can be the same level. IE you can't team up 2 pro's. More like one pro, one novice.

I might have to get Sweetland to join me and see how we do. :)

hmm that would be good rapture is a speed demon & i am just a run of the mill lapper LOL :)

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