engine loud after oil change

i've done my 1st oil change on my 09 yz450. after starting it up and running it for a couple of minutes the engine sounds alot louder then it did before. u can really notice the ticking of the engine. is this normal after an oil change. when turning it of the engine oil was still cold. i prob should have filled up some oil in the new filter as well. So is there sumfin wrong or is it normal?

Does it have an aftermarket skid plate?

Dont think so no. Just a thin metal plate under the engine

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If all you did was change the oil I would make sure you are getting oil circulation before anything else. I don't know for sure about the 450's but on the 400 there is a bolt you can loosen with the engine operating to make sure you are getting oil pressure & flow. You may want to look into this to see if it is possible on your bike.

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