Need Used Parts for my 2002 YZ426F

exhaust pipe and sub frame

I wrecked this weekend and bent both. Need to replace and do not want to spend for brand new parts. Looking for someone who may have upgraded and still has their stock parts.

Also, any suggestions on web sites to go for motocross parts.



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I just bought a pro circuit pipe for my 2002 yz426 and the stocker now sits in my garage. My bike is only 2 weeks old, so the pipe is in excellent condition. Make me am offer.

Try these guys:


TOLL FREE 866-782-4600

OUTSIDE USA 818-782-4600

I have an FMF MegamaxII with S/A and an optional quietcore insert. It is in excellent shape. It was on my street legal 99 400F. The F is long gone but the pipe still hangs in the garage. It has 12 discs, a new aluminum seal bushing and a deflector to save the fender.

I'm on a 250F now.

I'd ship it to your door for 100 frogpelts.


Try the BBR website. They are parting out several Brand New Bikes.



check your private mail re: your stock 2002 YZF pipe......

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