Big Gun SDS system for sale

I'm selling the pipe off my 99'yz400. I bought it in 2000 and it was the big gun complete system with quiet core spark arrestor and race core. It's in great shape. I rode a lot in 2000 but only rode the bike twice last season. Ceramic coating is in good shape without dents and scratches. Can't remember what it costed but I know it was around 500$ new. I would like to get 250 plus shipping. I know they fit the 98'99's but I don't know about the 426's. I bought the headpipe because I didn't like removing the pipe to get at the oil filter and I needed a spark arrestor. Thanks

Do you have any pics? I like to see before I decide to buy anything. I assume this fits a WR..right?

anyways, let me know

Alain :)

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