Tusk DS Kit Review

After some deliberation I decided on the Tusk DS kit which I got from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. I bought that one because it was the cheapest and, well, it's cheap. everything about it is low quality and I didn't end up using it all so I thought I would post up about it.

I got the kit with the handguards and integrated signal lights. the hand guards themselves are garbage and one clamp didn’t even fit my 7/8 bars (too big). I ended up having to take the Dremmel to it and remove about 1/8 of an inch to get it to even bolt on..... they wouldn't protect you from anything but wind that's for sure. the mirror is a total joke, plastic crap. the bar switch for the turn signals was also the wrong size (too big) so I had to wrap some tape on the bars to get it to stay put. The rear signals glue on (?) with 3m double sided tape. I drilled holes and ran the wires under my rear fender which made them a bit more stable. I don't understand why they don't have a bolt as they will almost certainly be torn off in the bush. The tail section is also crap. I didn't use it because I just wired the brake light into my existing tail light which actually has 2 circuits. wire the brake light into the yellow wire and bam! works great without some plastic garbage hanging off the back of the bike. Also weird was the fact that there was only one brake light switch. I thought there should be 2. The tail light is wired to the on/off switch which is annoying but by using the existing WR light circuit it's only on when the bike is running. because of this I was able to ditch the silly on/off switch which would only function to turn the running light on and off. plug the 2 wires together and you are good to go. I will have to fab up a mount for the licence plate but that's no big deal.

I bought this kit because it was the cheapest and so I knew it was going to be cheap. What I learned here was that I should not have bought the entire kit. I'm writing this up so that hopefully you don't make the same mistake I did. If I had to do it again I would only have bought the following:

Wiring harness


turn signal switch


brake light switch.

with the savings I would have bought this stuff:

some other kind of turn signals. Sicass racing makes some cool ones that mount nicely onto a rear fender

real hand guards

second brake light switch

Other than that the kit went on fine. there's lots of room for it behind the headlight. Lots of extraneous wires in the harness that I'm tempted to just hack off. Wiring the brake light circut into the existing unused circuit on the WR was a real score. not having the crap tail section is a big plus IMHO.

My review of the kit:

Bought the kit 3 or 4 years ago after I bought my 04 because it was the cheapest I could find and didn't want to spend a ton of money on things getting broken off road since falling seems to be something I do quite often. When I bought mine it was like $179 or so with a 20% off coupon and free shipping so it was to my door for under $150.

- Hand guard integrated turn front signals directly bolted onto my already bought Moose bark busters and have survived several off road and one on road get off with out issue. At the same time I installed the kit I switched to 1 1/8" bars and bought the Tusk BB adapters; worked without issue.

- Turn signal switch housing was a little looser than I liked so I wrapped a thin layer of electrical tape under it to be a more snug fit. Interestingly some bars I've run are tighter than others and have had to do this with other things on certain bars as well. Took 2 minutes.

- Rear signals simply tape on and have held up to water, mud, crashes, etc. for over 3 years. I figure when they come loose I'll replace them but so far they've not. And ones that stick out at all worry me about getting snagged, these don't.

- Supplied brake light housing works and installed on my YZ fender (as the instructions mentioned) perfectly. As well it gave me a plate mounting location.

- Rear view mirror seems cheap and, well, is, but its legal and when it breaks (hasn't yet in 3 years) I'll replace it. My bars were getting tight space wise and it tucks up nicely under the bar so I run it low and it works great.

- Since its a UNIVERSAL FIT KIT designed as a separately wired add on kit to will fit many different makes and models with different electrical systems, I played around with bypassing the separate on/off switch that some bike need and wired it directly into the electrical system of my bike. Been a while but I remember reading about that in the instructions and searching on here about how to do that.

- Horn works. For $150 that's all I can ask.

- It came with one brake light switch (clearly stated in their ad) and I figured that's just fine and just wired it to the rear brake; works like a charm 3 years later. If I want a second one I'll pay the $12.95 but on a kit at this price point I didn't expect much past barely legal.

Overall it was a good buy considering I didn't have to guess what I needed, build my own wiring harness, hope that what I bought was right and maybe forget little things which would have slowed me down and cost me time. If I wanted a great kit SPECIFICALLY for my WR that would be "high" quality I would have bought one of the many $400+ kits available, but for the money and what this kit was deigned to do (get you road legal cheap), I personally can't complain about it.

It works, it hasn't failed and its been a while, enough said. I spent maybe 3 hours installing it as well.

Just my second take on the kit, YMMV.

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To be clear, I didn't intend to flame Tusk. I was just trying to offer my expierence primarily becasue I didin't use it all and it can be purchased spereately. If it lasts that long, great.

Still need to fab up a mount for the plate.




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I got the Tusk and found that everything lasted for about 6 months of hard singletrack and then failed. I think the only Tusk part left is the brake sender banjo bolt, which works... occasionaly. Oh, I forgot. the turn signal flasher is still there after I had to re-soilder it.

Front turn signal broke the first time I dropped my bike. I had the "hand guard" ones. Didn't even bother with the included hand guard mounting brackets, they were complete junk

I wired up my own dualsport kit for $75. It uses the tusk switch and horn and I havent had a problem with them.

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