Merry Xmas from Yamaha - WR450 cracked side case!

Well while it's storming outside I'm in my nice cozy garage going over my bike real good for the winter. Pulled the idler gear cover to see how my two sheared rotor key fixes where holding up. What to my surprise, I have the cracked side cover and chipped teeth on the idler gear.

I've resigned myself that I'm going to have to take care of this myself. My questions are if the parts listed in the 03 to 04 conversion thread are still valid and what the availability is for them. Also has anyone tried the conversion ye? I did a search but didn’t come up with much install info.


I have ordered the parts but I do not expect to get them until the spring. My past experience in ordering new year parts is that they arrive after the production year is complete. Remove the starter gear and weld the crack so you can run with kick start only. Order the parts and wait. :)

My dealer said that i should have my parts next week!! :)

Talked to the dealer today and he said I would have to talk to Yamaha. Over and over he didn't want to hear it. Finally he called them himself and said Yamaha told him it is no known problem. "He laughed at the information your getting from the internet" was what my local dealer said Yamaha told him. I said what about the broken parts? He said call Yamaha.

if your side cover is broken where the small idler gear shaft is supported it will de difficult to weld. pull the idler gears and kick it till you have new parts. if your going to go with the '04 conversion. be sure you get the '04 side cover. there is a bushing pressed in it to support the new tourque limiter. otherwise you'll have to find someone to make you a bushing.

sounds like your dealer talked to his local rep. that's the same line mine got. no known problem, what a crock. are they really affraid of the internet? cyberphobic? you'd think they might want to know why people are ordering all these parts.

go down a couple of threads. there is one posted awhile back about a letter to yamaha. i brought it back up because it seems a few more people are finding broken parts.

Sounds like where my bike broke.I used it as an excuse to remove the e-start and the local dealer is trying to get me the new parts. I was suprised that it broke since everything still worked and only noticed it when i was checking over the bike real well.

If your going to remove the starter i noticed that yamaha makes a plug for the hole but onlye lists it for the quad :) This is the PN-GYT-5TG07-50-00 $25

Here is a shot of where mine broke.


More than anything else Yamaha’s arrogance infuriates me. I’m really thankful that I’m able to afford the fix (although probably another temporary one) on the poorly engineered WR450 starting system without it breaking the bank. But what is really sad is that when I try to talk to the dealer or local rep. to share info from this board or other sources they just laugh at “info from the net” or those “guys posting on the net”.

I’m not even considering the 04 conversion until I find out more info on the install success into the 03 bikes. A different dealer I went to today said that the 04 side cover was listed as unavailable, which is even more confusing and contradictory information than already posted by other members. An off handed comment from the parts guy was that the Yamaha Raptors (four stroke quads) have a lot of starter drive failures also.


That is EXACTLY what my side case FAILURE looks like. But hey, it’s not a known problem!

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