Broken Headlight Replacement?

Ok, So I made the mistake of letting a friend on a Raptor get in front of me on a gravel road and he broke out my headlight with a rock. What is my best (read cheapest) course of action to it replaced? I like the look of the Acerbis lights but can I just replace the lens on my OEM light? What kind of price difference am I looking at? My local Yamy dealer are theives so I would rather not go through them.

Thanks for your help.

Stock replacement is about $105 at How about Ebay or the TT Parts for Sale forum?

I'll try to post pictures of my homemaid front light guard. I really needed such a thing because my friend his riding a BRP with a 140 S12.... It takes you minutes to fabric and install and saves big monney.

I just installed the acerbis diamond headlight assembly.The price for just the light was 107.00 can. up here from yamaha and I bought the complete acerbis unit for 119.00.The acerbis has two flood lights and one pencil beam.It works really good and looks great too!! :):D


I smashed mine about a year ago, I replaced with acerbis DHH style ( side by side), 90$ wire one light hot all time. the other is wired to the oem light switch. works for me in the dark. :)

I just removed mine,so if you want one let me know it's

in new condition,works,and has no scratches.

I have Quad for night rides.

Jerry :):D :D

I heard that an aftermarket truck fog light metal guard can mount right over the stock light to protect it. Should cost about 5 bucks. Anyone tried this yet?

I broke mine this summer and yamaha does not sell the lens only. youy have to buy the entire headlight assembly at $96

Go to AUTOZONE and look in the driving lights section. They sell a replacement "lens" that is almost exactly the same size. If my memory serves me correctly, it was is made by BLAZER and comes in a pinkish/purple box. The heighth of the lens is the same, but the width is about 1/8 inch short. Buy the lense for $3.99 and a tube of clear windshield adhesive for $1.99 and you are set to go. The hardest part is getting the old lens out and all the factory glue/ glass particles cleaned up. There is a metal ring that surrounds the seam, just bend the tabs out of the way, remove it, and scrape/ pick the surface clean. Honestly, you cannot even tell it is not OEM! It is not all that much work, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than $100 for a new assembly! :)

Thanks Eagle, I will look into that. I plan to spend my $100 on a 450 cam, not a headlight.

Right now Dec. 24 @7:15 am there is a stock headlight on ebay and last bid was $31.00


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