starter coversion for the 03 WR450's

I did a search but found nothing on this subject :D. Now that it is winter and I'll be tearing down the "so far reliable" WR after the holidays, I am looking for a complete list of parts w/part #'s to convert starter and/or idler gears over to the ones the 04's are using. Also helpful would be a step by step procedure to do the repair. One other useful thing might be a difficulty rateing (eg. 1-10 scale) on the repair itself. Seeing there are alot of TTer's with 03 WR's concerned about this matter, it should be high on the priority list of things to do for us 03 owners to make an already awsome bike nearly BULLETPROOF :D! If anyone has already done this repair could you please help out many of us TTer's who would like to put this concern far behind us and be able to ride these truly incredible machines to their full potential without the worry of pushing these beasts miles from their staging areas :). Thanks to anyone willing to step up to the plate and help :D!

Smoke :D

go to page seven (maybe eight by now) of the posts and look for the one titled "wr450 starter update '03 to '04 part numbers". that should get you going on the part numbers. always have you dealer double check them. so far no one has posted that they have completed the job. it shouldn't be any big deal to swap out the parts. there are some ignition parts attached to the inside of the side cover so pay attention to the way the wires are routed. there is a part number listed for a shaft. i believe that is the idler gear shaft from the '03. it might not be needed. good luck. by the way. if you have time please write yamaha and tell them they blew it on the '03 design. only one member has posted that he got a responce (he called) and they blew him off. they could be doing a better job on their p.r.

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