Taffy are you out there?

Hi taffy...

thought you might be able to help me...

I'm thinking of building a streetfighter out of some fireblade parts left over from a crash that a friend of mine had.

Do you know of a frame builder that can build me a trellis frame (like the harris magnum 5), or do you think I'd be better off getting the original frame straightened?

Also I'd like to changthe front end setup to USD forks (purely cosmetic). What do you think would be the best donor i.e. GSXR750WV etc...




my opinion on this is no better than anyone else's & at the end of the day you are the one that has to be happy with your bike.

i would say from experience that unless you have a fully fitted workshop & a load of mates to help you i would find the task of rebuilding the bike around the original main gear to be enough. in other words keep the core of the bike the same & play with the ancillaries.

i know that a guy called andy siddelow does trellis frames & he lives just a few miles from me hear at St Ives CAMBS (not cornwall). if you want to try & have a chat, the man to talk to is Nigel Verity who runs a bike shop in St Ives named 'A & D Verity'. he'll give you a Tel No.

good luck


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