5 speeds of neutral

This weekend at the local arenacross I came down down off a small double on my '00 yz426 in first and something gave way in my tranny. I tried shifting into second but it was like the bike was in neutral. The engine sounded fine when I reved it, no ticking or anything of that nature but there was just no go. At first I figured that something in my cluthch gave out. After I got home and tore the clutch cover off and took the plates out I realized it was something deeper. I can put the bike in first and spin the rear wheel and the inner part of the clutch basket spins like it should. However, I can grab hold of the inner basket and it will stop with the rear wheel still spinning. When I do this there is a grinding noise behind the basket like something is slipping. Does anybody have any idea what could have given way or has possibly experienced this. I am dreading having my tranny worked on again since last time it cost me $700. I haven't worked on 4 stroke engines that much so would it be a bad thing for me to start taking it apart? I am really tempted after how much it cost me last time.

Thanks alot for all of the help-you guys are great


Thanks for the quick responses-I ran home and checked the inner hub but no go. I could actually hold the main shaft that the hub slides on and still rotate the tire with it in gear. Too bad cause I was really getting excited that this could be a cheap fix. Any other ideas on what it might be would be greatly appreciated.




Since you can hold the inner hub from turning (by hand), while in gear and rotating the rear wheel, I'm 99.999% unsure the hub has failed in the same manner that mine did. The fix is easy - about a 1 to 1.5 hour job if you're not in a hurry.

A new inner hub from Hinson is expensive (around 290$)

Here's that link that I originally posted:


Oooops :) We must have been posting at the same time. Maybe this is the .001% that I'm wrong? :D Dang, let me think about this..... :D

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Originally posted by timmorg:

I can put the bike in first and spin the rear wheel and the inner part of the clutch basket spins like it should. However, I can grab hold of the inner basket and it will stop with the rear wheel still spinning.

You say in your second post that you could hold the shaft from spinning while in gear, which is strange, because in order for the hub to spin like in your first post, the shaft would have to spin along with your rear wheel. The shaft and rear wheel are directly connected while in gear, so it either spins or it doesn't.

If you can shift through all five gears and only have five neutrals (no drive), then it should be either a broken chain (of course, it's not) or the clutch hub. Is it possible to lose all five gears in your transmission at once?

Are you sure you were in gear the second time? Or maybe I'm not understanding the situation? (Happens often) :)

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Yes, this exact thing happened on my '00 426 - I suddenly had neutral in all five gears. The inner clutch hub failed - the splined steel sleeve in the hub began to rotate within the hub, giving no drive. If you take the inner hub off, the sleeve may not turn or move (it shouldn't)because the aluminum portion of the hub has cooled a contracted around the steel sleeve, but when you were riding, the heated aluminum expanded and left enough clearance to allow the to hub to spin freely on it's sleeve (bad). Fortunately, this happened when I was exiting a corner and not on the face of a jump.

I've posted about this a couple of times here - looks like you're the most recent victim. :)

I replaced mine with a Hinson (one piece aluminum construction).

I should have known that the hub was about to fail, because I noticed the hub was loose and wobbling when I worked on it previous to the failure.

Here's another post on it...


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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. As far as working on the bike yourself, I'd try if it was me. I've never had a case apart completely, but I've changed the piston, and had the clutch and side cased off (damn cb gear) a few times. It's really not a very complicated engine. If you are mechanically inclined at all and very careful I think it would be a successful and much cheaper surgery. One think that I like to use is my digital camera to take pictures as I disassemble the parts. That way if I need a reference, all I do is go to my computer and look at my picts.

Good luck


On the 2000 YZ426 the pin in the shift dumb falls out. This is the hardened dowl pin that the shift shaft moves. I have had to replace about 20 of them so far. When this pin falls out the shifter goes up and down freely. The pins will roll down to the bottom of the cases and hopefully get stuck. It is a HARDENED pin and will trash you engine if you don't get it out. About 50% of the time I have to remove the engine to get it out the other I have been able to use a maganet and fish it out. The replacement part is about $20.00 and I can give you the part number if you need it. DO NOT leave the old one in the motor as we decided to do that on one engine and it got destroyed. I also have a picture of the part. Email me del@austinnc.com

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Ok-now I have everybody confused including myself...LOL. I can shift through the gears with no problems. There is a definate neutral where if I spin the rear wheel it spins freely w/o engaging anything. Then I can click into first or any other gear and it definately feels like it goes into gear like normal. When I spin the rear tire w/ it in gear then the shaft that the clutch is on rotates like normal. However, w/o the inner hub or basket on the shaft, I can grab the rotating shaft and stop it from rotating while still spinning the rear wheel. There is a slight grinding noise when I do this. In my mind I would think that while the rear wheel is spinning w/ it in gear, that shaft would have to spin consistantly w/ the rear wheel.

Well I have de-confused myself so maybe this is a better description. Then again maybe everybody will be really confused by now.

Thanks everybody for the help


I had the same problem as Lackey on my new 2000 426. That dowel pin kept coming out. Except when you shifted there was no noticeable going into gear, so I believe you have a different problem other than mine and his.

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