07 YZ450F shifter install problem

I'm looking for some help. I blew up my street legal 07 YZ450F and I'm in the middle of rebuilding it, new crank kit, piston kit, cylinder, valve kit, cam chain and tensioner and counterbalancer bearings. I've reassembled the cases and I'm installing the shifter segment.

My problem is that without the shifter segment installed I can rotate the shift drum through all five gears like butter but when I install the shifter segment and then the shift shaft I can't get the shift drum to rotate through all five gears consistently. I am rotating the transmission shafts while trying to shift to get rid of any interference from the gears. It just doesn't seem to be indexing properly. I don't have the neutral switch installed but I have been pushing on the shift drum from the left side while I check the shifting action.

I don't want to continue reassembling until I'm confident the shifting is correct.

Anyone have advice for me?


The segment has to sit on an alignment pin in the end of the cam in order to be correctly indexed. If you misalign this, and tighten it, it can become pushed in flush and not be removable.

I have taken it off reinstalled it several times now, taking care to align it with the pin. If I take off the stopper spring lever it shifts fine

I had no prior problems with the transmission before disassembly

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