Out of tune


I have just informed my girlfriend that she'll be surprising me with the tickets I just purchased for the San Diego EA Sports SuperCross. B-day gift.

However, I'm so out of touch with what's been happening on the racing front. I'm mostly wondering about the following, but any other umm, dirt, you may have would be appreciated.


What's up with RC? Is he riding for Honda? Is he riding a four stroke?

Is Pastana beyond his injuries? Is he riding 125 or 250 or both?

Is there any evidence that Jeremy will be keeping up with RC?

Where is James "Bubba" Stewart? Is he riding 125 or 250?

Who is suppose to be on the 450F?

Heck, I don't even know who is riding the 250Fs this year.


Okay, RC is Honda, no four-stroke.

Pastrana keeps falling, but seems fine, 250 I believe....

Jeremy MAY keep up with RC, but it all depends..he was fast at the US Open..should be some good racing next year

James will be pitting out of the FACTORY KAWASAKI rig, his first year as a 125 pro-national rider, first tiem this has happend for awhile...good for him!

The 450F will see LaRocco in the nationals, supercross??

As far as the 250-F, expect to see more and more privateers on them, and kickin' butt!!

Hope i was correct in all of my statements, and i hope it helps!

Originally posted by DaveJ:

Is there any evidence that Jeremy will be keeping up with RC?

Jeremy has employeed a tri-athlete trainer. He is in the best shape of his life. He raced Bercy and finished 2nd to Vuillemin(sp) after suffering from severe arm pump. I saw him at the Day in The Dirt at LACR Thanksgiving weekend and he was FAST!!! He was thinner than ever and I had to double take to recognize him.

If history repeats itself, everyone who has switched to Hondog has crashed their brains out the first year. Time will tell...


You should have seen Jeremy at the US Open...I felt sorry for the guy! He got bad starts every moto, but always came back to the top 5 or so! On the 2nd moto he went from dead last to 2nd place and his lap times were 2 secs a lap faster than RC's! He's got the skill and speed...He just has to get his head right, but he is a champion, and he will come back because he has the experience it takes!

I dont like RC's attitude he is a great rider but from what I have gathered from his personality is that he is very cocky (and I hope McGrath takes the title and "1 ups" the record of 14 straight wins). I personally met Travis Pastrana at the Houston Supercross and he is a real nice guy! It is weird because he is the same age as I am, yet he is a multimillioaire pro rider (I couldnt imagine being a multimillionaire at 17)! Also, dont count Ferry out...he is really flying on that 426! If he rides consistent and keeps the DNF's and falls to a minimum he will make the top 3 easily! It was cool at last year SX because he was the only rider taking the outside lines and roosting the crowd (about the only time I enjoyed getting roosted LOL) I cant wait til next SX season! Later,



I've got all of the info you need.

*Nathan Ramsey will be on the 450f

*I beleive that Roderig Thain will be on the 250f

*Tim Ferry will win every race for the rest of eternity.

*RC will get sick of his red hair clashing with the red bike and dye it black to match his Cannondale factory ride next year.

*MC will still be MC (2nd place)

*The AMA will begin consulting me on any reg. changes and venue considerations.

*Thumpertalk will be recognized as a religion

*Lastly, Yamaha will be releasing their much anticipated YZ921F, with air-ride suspension and remote controlled electric start. It should have about 114 horsepower and weigh in somewhere around 3 lbs.

All of this is from a very credible source


Ah...now that's juuuicee!


RC aint gonna die his hair black!

The rest maybe ok, but the hair black Nah... :)

Any body seen Mike Brown race on a Kawasaki 125 He rips past everybody. Not sure if Lusk has a job with anybody. As far as Ricky Carmichael ?? every turn hes faster coming in and faster going out

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