accessing the carb, catch can question, oil separator supplier?

So I can change the needle height pretty quick by removing the tank to access the carb top but don't see any room to rotate the carb for jet work or even disconnect the throttle cables. What's the trick here?

Also, why are aftermarket companies making catch cans when it's built into the frame? I have an '06 450FV.

Finally, does anyone else sell an Oil & Air separator kit except Graves? Thanks

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The top of the carb is more accessible if the upper motor mounts are removed. The jets can be accessed from the bottom without removing the carb:

If you need more room, you'll need to pull the carb off the bike, which involves removing the subframe and tipping back the top of the shock.

Catch cans are required for SM racing to collect coolant and/or oil exhausted during operation so as to keep the track dry. The is no catch can, or any other storage volume built into the frame, so I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about on that score.

lol I have that motion pro tool and completely forgot, love the paperclip starter.

yea the carbs on the bench and I did exactly what you said, exhaust was already off and I wanted to see all my options for access.

So how about my subframe has built in nipples and drain hole for fluids. I swear. I don't think I have some crazy custom frame either, I know the guy I bought it from and he didn't mention anything special. But it's just for fuel.

I'll take pics tonight if someone doesn't beat me to it

ok here's pics of my built-in catch can. Please let me know if I'm special


here's a pic of the allen head drain screw


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here's what I ended up with for the pilot jet. It's a motion pro main jet tool with a flat bit shaved to fit inside and then shaved round to not catch the jet needles' hex head. Paired up with of course with the bent paper clip.


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The "catch can" is a modification. Clever though.

sweet. fully drains on side stand too

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