A couple days ago, I found the BK mod instructions from some pro racers mechanic, I couldn't print them then, I cant seem to find them now. Can someone paste 'em again please?

Run a search. I just reviewed it 10 min ago.

I would suggest bookmarking Garrett's web site (Motoman393). He's got BK Mod info as well as other useful tech info. Here is his site: MX393.tripod.com

Thumper - You are going to love it. I hope you have extra rear tyres, 'cause you'll be shredding them like there's no tomorrow. LOL :)

PS – Remember to check your jetting too.

would it be a good recommendation to buy a new tire now? my rear tire now has seen its better days

Thumper - Give her a few more runs on your current tyre and seen how it wears down after a days ride. I could see a noticeable difference in tyre wear before and after the mod.

I'll say if you have a 0.6in or so left you'll get one or two days worth of hard riding out of it (this is an estimation based on how quickly my tyres wear down)

So, I think you should buy the tyre but <font color="navy">don't fit it yet.

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