A few pics from todays ride

Went riding today out of Dove Springs. Here are some pics. Enjoy! Dove Springs to Ransburg.

That is funny. I was just watching Gold Fever on OLN I think and they were right there at Schmidt's Tunnel. Did you see the old lady Tony that lives near there? When I was watching I was thinking "I wish I could ride there". Nice pics.


Great pictures, looks like an awesome place to ride.Lot's of different bikes to mix it up as well. :)Dirtstiff

Toni Seegar passed away eariler this year.

Excellent pics! :) Thanks for posting them.

I would love to ride there again someday.

Grannie is gone?? :) Been there SO many times, she always had a cold one for the boys! Did you guys actually ride into ransburg??? No SHERIFFS??? Great veiw at the end of the tunnel!! Looks like you guys had a good time!


Could you give me the directions to Dove Springs. From your pictures it looks great. How long of a drive is it to get to?


bstanton :)

JAWBONE is about 10-15 past Mojave off the left hand side of the 14 north! LOOK for the water pipeline!! Dove springs comes next up the 14 (Red Rock canyon)

Pic from the memorial.


I used to have her obit in my e-mail, but I must have deleted awhile back.

Here is a thread I found on the web dated May 30th, 2003

Fri May 30, 2003 8:06 pm

Post subject: Death of Tonie Seger (Burro Schmidt Tunnel)


Received this email this evening:


Dear Friends -

I'm sad to report to you this morning's passing of Tonie Seger, of the Burro Schmidt Tunnel, at the age of 95. David, her caretaker, asked me to spread the news in hopes of a large turnout at a memorial to be held in the coming days at the encampment. A date and time has not been set, but you can learn more via my post on DeathValley.com:


Grannie was very cool i've been going out there since i was 12!

25 years for sure! Every Thanks Giving we would ride up there to take newbies through the tunnel! There a guest books in the shack that go way back early 80's maybe even earlier! She will be missed!

Have you been there before?? Being from Alabama???

I'm from the South. (Native Southern Californian :))

I grew up riding in the dez. Raced D-37 Desert in the 70's & 80's, but actually, I think I've only been to the tunnel once or twice.

She was something else! My buddy and I were the only ones up there that time, and she invited us inside and we all sat and talked like she had known us all her life!

It was truly a unique place.

She used to have Cold Soda and beers on hand for the riders that went up there. Could'nt buy them, only donations, because she didn't have a license to sell beer!

My friends and I have visited her many times... We would give her a few bucks for a flashlight and some Cokes... Sad to see her go.. Her husband spent many years digging that hole...


Those are really nice pictures.

It's 36 degrees and pouring rain around here.

Good to know someone out there is riding!

Her husband spent many years digging that hole...


She wasn't married to him! :)

Just livin in sin huh? :):D

DAN,Where you riding this weekend??

Mike, I don't think I can go riding this weekend.. It's getting too close to Christmas.. I want to ride I5 tomorrow.... What do you think?

Working!!! Will be sunday then next monday the 29th (proride day!)

Where is Dove Springs? That is beautiful with the dark clouds :) I need to get out more. :D

Im shooting some pics and movies this coming spring from the Nor-Nevada desert and Nor-Cal that Ill post. Thanks for sharing :D

Dove Springs is located off Hwy 14 about 20 miles or so north of Mojave. Between Jawbone Cyn and Red Rock.

Not many of the pictures were taken at Dove Springs. That is just where we started our ride. Many were taken in the Red Rock area and on the trails on the way to Ransburg.

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