Mark Anderson Service

I want to foward this e-mail from our club President Barry Hale of the AZOTMX chapter.

Again thanks to all the kind words and support I have received, you are ALL helping me get through this difficult time in my life, I will never forget it. I love you all.....

The ol saying you never know how much someone means to you until there gone has never hit me so hard until now.

I miss you Mark and am so sorry and I hope to one day line up next to you again because I know you are in Heaven right now.

Your riding buddy forever,


Hello Everyone

Most of you have heard the Tragic accident which

occurred leaving one of our own to rest. Everyone I and Penny have spoke with that knew Mark just loved the guy. So we want to make sure this gets out to

everyone posible. If you have e-mail address of other

riders or people that knew Mark or his Family please

pass it along.

The Service will be:

Wednesday the 5th. at 10:00 A.M. at the

Church of the Holy Spirit

1800 E. Libra St. Tempe

One block north of Guadalupe.



Donations to help the family of Mark Anderson can be sent to:

Mark Anderson Memorial Fund

Bank of America

Acct # 4675691688

3160 W Apache Trail

Apache Junction, Arizona 85220

I needed to include the Acct#.

At this point I have no idea, about Mark's finanicial situation, insurance etc. I've only had Mark on my mind, but I've been told it would be important to get this info out if anyone wanted to help.

Thanks to ALL,


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Please keep us updated regarding a memorial race. It would be nice if we could get some of the So. Cal. OTMX guys together to show up and help support the cause. I would gladly drive to your area for that.


We'll see you at the service tomorrow Gary. Hang in there friend...



I am from Hutchinson, Ks and I work with Mark's brother. I also race motocross and understand the risk involved and so did Mark. It is amazing what we are willing to put our bodies through for a piece of plastic with a little man on top of it. But, we all know the risk and I guess you can say, everyone who races is will to pay the price for it. It is not anyones fault and don't blame yourself. Motocross is a very hard sport and anything this hard has to have some risk. That is the whole fun in it and that is what Mark and everyone of us love about it. I am sorry for you Gary, but cheer up and go racing, that is what Mark would want you to do. Chris

Gary, you gave a beautiful and touching eulogy today at the celebration of Mark's life. You summed up your relationship with Mark in a manner that only a close and dear friend would have been able to do. Not many of us have the kind of relationship you had with Mark. I know you will miss him greatly but you will always have the wonderful memories of all the good times you shared with one another.

Your friend,



The Internet amazes me at times like this and the fact you know Mark's brother means a lot to me. After the service we went to Dick's house (Marks older brother, which one do you know?) and I got to meet his loving family and his twin brother Mike. They all opened their arms to me and we laughed and cried about stories about Mark. He was an even greater person then I realized and I wish I would have known his family under different conditions.

Give his bro the link to this great website, ok?



Thanks Paul, it was the most difficult thing I have ever done and during the service I was hyper-ventilating and my body was tingling and going numb. That is why I had to go outside to get some air and pray and ask Mark to help me through it.

We did share some great memories and I will miss him, but his spirit will always be with me.

This has changed me, and my outlook on life and friends and family.

Your friend,



My thoughts and prayers go out to all. December 2nd is a day I will never forget. I was in the same race with you all picking up the rear. My KX500 really had me tired. As I came up to the scene I just glance over to see them working on Mark and that right there still has me shook up. I never knew you or Mark, but I could not sleep that night wishing everything would turn out okay. I really wished I could have made it to the services. I wish you and everyone else the best and can't wait to honor Mark in some way, shape or form next time I ride Speedworld. It's been difficult even for someone who never knew you all. God bless.

Dan Lesovsky #85


I know Mark's brother Rick. He is a really great guy, which I am sure Mike was as well. Good luck Gary.

Thanks for the kind words guys,

I have updated the Memorial Fund in Marks name.


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