Clutch Trouble

Im having trouble w my clutch on my 426 can u help. I just replaced my fibers an my springs. Steels were good an old fibers were still good. Found old springs were some of the problem. I replaced the clutch cable. With all of this done my cable adjusters are still fully extended out with no more adjustment left and i dont hve enough clutch?

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sounds like you lost the steel ball bearing that resides at the end of the push rod that lifts the pressure plate. Need more info though, like grayracer said.

When you say, "don't have enough clutch", do you mean that you have too much free play (you should have 3mm) at the lever, or that the clutch drags, pulls at idle when in gear, etc.?

Both of my adjustments at clutch lever and at the motor are fully extended out. Im still able to ride but 5th gear slips. It feels like its surging when i give it throtle. Keep in mind i just replace the fibers springs an cable. After doing all that the only parts i found bad was the springs. When i squeeze my lever it feels like a worn clutch

Do you have any free play at the lever?

Yeah. Too much!

Too much play and a slipping clutch don't correlate. Excessive play will keep it from disengaging completely when you pull the lever. Too little, or no play will cause a clutch to slip.

If the bike is surging or jerking only in 5th, and you can make the problem come and go just by going over or under a certain amount of throttle, it's the transmission, not the clutch. The 3rd and 5th speed pinions (gears on the main shaft) have worn out locking lugs on them and they are forcing themselves apart under load, making the bike jump out and back into gear. This will also have bent the #2, or center, shift fork.

assuming the 5th gear is bad. Y is my clutch so far out of adjustment. With all tje new part i would think that i wood have plenty of adjustment at my lever and at the base of the motor

Remember when the first response asked you if you left out the ball between the two pushrods?

What brand of plates did you use?

What year is your 426?

Used a factory clutch an i i leaned my bike on its side so nothing would fall out. Its a 2000.

OK, so the bike did not originally have a ball between the two rods, anyway. That started in '01. If they were factory plates, do you still have the bag or box they came in? Curious to see if someone substituted a part number for a later model. Part number of the clutch cable would help, too.

Im gonna pull my clutch apart tomorrow and do a thorough inspection. What could make my 5th gear go bad? It doesnt take alotta abuse?

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