Installing Clutch Primary Gear

Is there a trick to put the primary clutch gear in these bikes?

Its taking me way to long.......It pushes in but will not fully seat in ??

Last time I fiddled with it by moving the gears slightly and it Eventually went in..... any other tips??

Nope, just keep fiddling. You need to engage 3 gears, the primary, the kick start idler, and the oil pump idler, each independently of the other, as they run up against one another. If you have the whole right side cover off, this is fairly simple to do by fooling around with the oil pump and starter gears manually, but if you working through the clutch cover, it can be a bit of a pain.

The only thing I can suggest as any kind of tip is that when the basket stops against the next gear and doesn't drop in, pull back very slightly, rotate the basket a little (the engine won't help you here. you may have to turn the crank from the timing side), and see if it will drop in.

Thanks! I had to do 2 at one time with a full clutch swap.

It seems if you point the two open "V"s part of the gears directly toward the shaft its very close and slips on.

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