Talon Groovelight sprocket

I just bought and installed it on a 2000 426. I have not gotten to stretch them out yet due to the rain. I will let you know how they last, however at this price by 2 or 3 sets compared to a sidewinder set. Cya :)

Anyone used the Talon Ultra groovelight rear sprocket sold through White Brothers? Input?

yeah, ive been riding desert on a 46 for a while, has barely made a mark in it, but dont get a 46, cause it burns up your clutch unless u ride alot in nevada

I have had one for about a month, and love it. Plus, the gold looks really trick.

I've had mine for about 3 months. I check for ware regularly and haven't found any. Love it...

Mr T

I've used the Talon sprockets on all my MX bikes with great results. And the gold looks smokin'.



Where can I find Talon sprokets?? I've searched the Internet and came up with no finds?


I live only about 30 miles from Talon in the uk and always use their gold groovelite sprockets, they last well, much better than a renthal ultralite, IMHO of course, oh BTW I run a wr 426 with stock gearing 14/50


Talon is a White Brother exclusive. Unfortunately they dont have product info on the web you'll have to go by your dealer...

Mr T

After having chains and sprockets deteriorate quickly on my 426, I've finely found what works for me. The Talon sprockets and DID X-ring chain.

There is some product Info on the Website of the Australian Distributor. Go to

http://www.talonoz.com and follow the links...



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