Boiled over how to know if damage was caused

Boiled over my 06 WR450 this weekend it was so wet and swampy I was not aware it was happening.

How do I tell if the bike was damaged in the heat?

It still seams to run fine but I boiled off enough to empty the extra tank and lower the water in the radiator

Please advise


Not an issue. This time.

If you continue to ride that way in that terrain, you will need to bolster you cooling system.

Several dozen threads from the last 10 years covering it if you do a search ( 'fan', 'radiators', boiling over, etc)

So you think she is okay this time..

What is better the liquid ice coolant or the Evans coolant

I have been looking at the threads I will probably add a better cap too

Cap is not the problem, you need to get rid of the heat somehow

All a cap will do is prevent boil over.

It will not lower the water or engine temp.

First thing is un-corking the intake and exhaust, and jetting to match.

That's good for about 20 degrees.

That usually solves the overheating, unless you ride in very high humidity, often.

Next is clutch technique. If you slip the clutch a lot, you will raise the motor temp quite a bit.

If it still over heats, you can upgrade the coolant and hoses and a higer pressure cap.

That's good for about 5-10 degrees (the cap does not contribute).

Beyond that, it's bigger radiators or electric fans, or both.

I overheated mine horribly going to school one day, it boiled for over 10 minutes then wouldn't even start.

Let it sit during class and came out and fired it up, then rode it for another 3000 km :)

Mine boils over every time I ride it.

Mine boils over every time I ride it.

Thats probably not a good thing! Theres gota be something wrong somewhere.

It never seems to hurt it.

95 degrees on single track will do it. Always have to wait for someone.

Install a fan.

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