Rubicon Trail/ Questions

I need information about Rubicon. I'm heading up to Lake Tahoe for a week (July 9th). I'll have some time to ride my WR. I'd like to ride from the western side of the Sierras back to Lake Tahoe:

Where is my starting point?

How many miles is it to Tahoe?

How long does it take a normal guy to finish?

Are there fuel stops or towns along the way (in case I want to bail)?

How do you rate the trail; easy, challenging or hard?

What requirements do I need to meet with my bike; noise, license plate, fuel, gearing, forest inspections, etc?

Anybody interested in joining me Wednesday, July 11?

Are there other trails that offer more?

Any other recommendations?

Sorry for all the questions. Just answer what's easy.


Been a while since I rode this.....but is starts a little east of Georgetown, and it is about 50 miles as I recall to the Tahoe side. I've riden over and back in one day, and there is nothing (or didn't used to be) on the trail but dirt rocks and tree (did I mention the rocks? - yeah lot of those) I would not rate the trial very hard (hey Jeeps get over it) but there are some rock sections that will test you. The views are wonderful - they alone are worth the trip. Don't know about the rest of your questions......have to check with others. I wouldn't go alone....and be careful where you ride, there are wilderness areas you have to be aware of. Just my $.02 from a long time ago.

There was a post in the land use forum over at that said the US forest svc. was considering closing the Rubicon, or portions of it. You may check with some of the local 4x4 clubs to see what the current situation is.

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