Rev Limiter

Does the 426 have a rev limiter and if so is it easy to hit it and be all over it?? I have a DRZ and am constantly hitting the limiter and am thinking of selling it and buying a 426 but dont want to wind up with the same problem...

Your arms must get awful tired from the vibration. Off hand I'd say you need to change gearing to stay off the limiter or simply try shifting out of first gear :)

Yes, the 426 has a rev limiter but you shouldn't hit it unless you're wide open across a very looong stretch of road or lake bed. You'll also hit it occasionally when panic revving on jumps. Personally, I've only hit it a few times while jumping.

Change your gearing or grab another gear, your arms and engine will love you for it.

The 426 loves to be revved! Bumping off the rev limiter is just my style of riding! I am always "in the revs" in 3rd gear (most of the time on an MX track). The YZ is no comparison to a DRZ in the motocross/revving department! You will not be disappointed! Whether you rev or chug the YZ is a great all around bike!


Riding in the sand I hit the limiter quite often, do they make an aftermarket CDI/ignition that changes the power curve? My brother has a 400ex quad and he got a WhiteBrothers ignition that helped out on the top end.

SMP: FMF makes an aftermarket ignition that has two selectable power curves. One for grunt, the other for Motoman393 (i.e. running at the rev limiter all the time). I don't know if the unit actually allows the bike to rev higher (the 400ex ones usually add 500-1000RPM over stock) but I doubt you'd want it go much higher.

On another note I've heard that people often go to taller gearing when they get ready for the dunes. Standard MX gearing will almost always be to short for dune climbing. I'd go back to stock or even better, keep your 50/51 tooth rear and put a 15 tooth front on when you hit the dunes.


To answer your original question, the 426 does have a rev limiter, but it's not until 11,500RPM if I remember correctly. I don't know what the DRZ limiter is set for, but do a search, I imagine its well below the YZF. This difference may give you the headroom you need to ride with your current style. Other thing to keep in mind with a thumper vs. a 2 smoke is they have a lot of meat lower in the power band so take the earlier advice and shift a little sooner and see if that makes you any happier. Besides, there's no better sound than a throaty 4 stroke barking through the midrange.

DRZ= 10,000rpm

YZF= 11,250rpm

But trust me they feel totally different. The YZ just gets in the powerband when the DRZ falls on its face IMO (but they are 2 diff. bikes for 2 diff. purposes)

I also had the WB high rev ignition on my XR400 (same engine as the 400ex w/a diff. carb). It helped alot with the combination of flowed/ported and polished head/11:1 comp. piston. It could stay even with a YZ400 in a drag race but on a track the wide ratio tranny held it back! But I learned a lesson in the XR400, buy a bike for YOUR intended purpose! Later,


I think I have learned my lesson on the DRZ thing.. it is a good bike but not if you want to push it hard in the desert and track, launch it, etc. In order to make it good at all those things you have to pour a whole bunch of money into it.. It appears as though the DRZ will have to go.. may take just a little bit of time though..

They way I understand it, the YZ rev limiter doesnt hit until 12,500. I saw above someone reference 11-5, so I may be wrong. As far as hitting the rev limiter, there really isnt any reason to have to, but you can, I have, no big deal. Really the only time I hit it is when there is a short shoot just long enough to make you wanna shift, but ya know if ya do, youll never get stopped in time for the turn, so ya just ring'er out a bit to the corner. I heard the DR limiter was about 9500, wich is ok for a trail bike, which is what the DR was made for. I think DirtBike mag, did a conversion for the DR to moto, the parts list was ridiculous, the total cost of the conversion was 8800 with the cost of a new bike. You really gotta like Suzuki's to spend that on a bike that isnt that great.

Originally posted by thumpy:

Personally, I've only hit it a few times while jumping.

And you are modest too!!!!! :)


you know in moto i hit the limiter and know that i'm in the wrong gear trying to go fast..makin alot of noise and not goin anywhere..sure theres a fine line there at the top of the band..but theres also a sign off..the only time i like to hear the limit is in a crash with the throttle wide open stuck in the ground only to panic on the kill button..rev limiter stay off it or float a valve into the piston :)

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