Riding with 2-smoke, spitting oil, is it normal?

Guys, I went riding this weekend with my son and one of his buddies. His buddy was riding an 01 Suz. RM125.. It was very fast, but, when riding behind it, it spit oil on us and our bikes. There was also oil dripping from the exhaust pipe. Is that normal for a 2-smoke?? or is there something wrong with it? It seemed to run great. :)

He's probably running a little rich. I always had tons of splooge like that out my 2-strokes when I used Golden Spectro.

When my buddies KDX 250 runs rich I get black spots all over my number plate and it oozes out of his pipe. Not necessarily abnormal, but it does sound rich.

alot of racing oils recommend a mix ratio of 32 to 1. great for moto but pretty thick for trail riding. it saturates the packing in the silencer in a short time. sounds like it's time to repack. it should be done a couple times a year at least.

I always had tons of splooge like that out my 2-strokes when I used Golden Spectro

We run Golden Spectro in my sons KDX. Same experience, some dripping and smoke. Did you find an oil that cured this, if so what was it?

jetting has a lot to do with it.the skill level of the rider and the oil also.

the muffler on my 2 strokes is gray and dry.

correct jetting,open the throttle,and maxima castor 927 at 50:1.

its tough under trail conditions to keep the exhuast temps up.

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